Monday, April 25, 2011

Embroidered softie dollies for wee hands...

The two littlest grandgirls got these softie dollies in their Easter Baskets.
I was busy stitching them whilst Only Daughter was in labor.  
It is good for me to stitch and pray.

I thought about doing a "Remains of the Day" post about our Easter -- showing you pictures of the dirty dishes, the unmade beds of my children who came and went, the many, many chairs still standing around our table that is leafed to its capacity and still covered with the table cloth and candles.  Now there are only three of us here at home.  It's always this way. They all come in a flurry, and they all leave at the same time.  For a little while I feel overwhelmed and overflowing, and the next minute I feel empty.  But I'm not empty, really.  I'm full.  Full of the blessings of family, full of new life, full of knowing that my Redeemer and the Rescuer of my soul lives in me and mine today!

(The dollies are patterns traced from old Ondori books.  One pattern can be found here.)

I hope you had a FULL Easter.


  1. Sweet soft dollies! They will be much loved for a long time. I like your remains of the day idea. I ate some remains today. Yum!

  2. Love the softie dollies! Yes we had a full Easter. And I can relate to what you are saying even thought there aren't grandkids yet around here...

  3. Your little dollies are adorable Jody -- what lucky little girls! Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter -- sadly, we're all at the stage of knowing that emptiness when everyone leaves. Like you said though -- it's a good thing to be so blessed!

  4. Oh, I'm in love with the dollies. They are definite keepers! I can just see little hands grasping them and looking them over. I need to brush up my embroidery skills. You're inspiring! (LOVE!)

  5. Beautiful beautiful dollies! And such soft, wise words. xxx

  6. Those dollies are inspiring!
    I was actually glad this year that I didn't have anyone coming to my house, as the church-centered festivities were so numerous :-)
    But I did keep my home tables clean as altars and put a giant vase of calla lilies on one. Christ is risen!

  7. My weekends are just that...didn't know others felt as I did. I too look around at the remnants of what was a housefull of kids and grandkids and friends and breathe a sigh of relief and then get lost in the quiet. But I'm always guaranteed the return of my herd because like you I enjoy loving, feeding and taking care of all who enter through the door! ;)

  8. What sweet dollies!!!! xoxox Clarice

  9. These are so adorable! I've never heard of Ondori books (followed your link) -- such pretty patterns, and your embroidery work is flawless!
    And most joyous congratulations to you and yours on the new little in your home!


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