Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I really can't believe I'm going to write a post about American Idol, but I am.  I was going to write about yesterday -- when I spent the afternoon walking around in the pasture picking up the hay bale wrap from amongst the cow pies where the cows spent the winter eating and pooping, but I decided that it might not be all that interesting telling about kicking around in the cow manure.  I did have some deep revelations, but perhaps I'll save that for a Sunday Post!

So back to American Idol.
The confessions?

Confession number 1:  I watch.  I have watched for years, but I only really start watching the show when they get down to 20 contestants.  I can't stand the other stuff.

Confession number 2:  I have never voted.

Confession number 3:  Until tonight.  I voted.  Three times.  Yes, I did.  Thankfully we have DVR and could rewind to the numbers on the screen!   I never, never, never thought I ever, ever, ever would.  I have watched all these years and never voted, but I felt I had to tonight.  Some of the contestants spoke to me.

Confession 4:  I know you want to know who I voted for.  Contestants 5,6, and 7.  Casey Abrams, Haley Reinhart, and Jacob Lusk.  Do you know who I'm talkin' 'bout?  (secretly you do)

Casey sang Nature Boy (please listen) by Nat King Cole, a song I had never heard until tonight although I do know who Nat King Cole is.  This song was really unusual and a risky choice for American Idol.   I'm afraid that those teeny-boppers won't *get* this performance.  So I HAD to vote for him.  I want to buy Casey's  album NOW. 
Perhaps, perhaps Americans will  get Jacob Lusk's performance, Bridge Over Troubled Waters.  AMAZING!  I was giving him a standing O!

And Haley.  Well, I just like that girl.  She smiles AND sings.  She sang Call Me by Blondie.  She seems to be out there "just having fun," but I'm sure she has been working hard.  I like her and I like her voice. 

So....... I voted.  I can't believe it, but I voted on American Idol.  There.  It's out.  Whew.  I feel so much better now.

(When the videos are up from tonight's show, I'll post them for you to watch.  So good.  So darn good!)

If you want to watch one of my favorite past performances of Casey's, click to vid below.


  1. I have seen it in past years, but have not been watching much this season. There was a girl from Italy who was pretty good... is she still in? I need to go look at the web site.

  2. I don't watch this show, but I enjoyed your post. I can relate to "how" you watch, though. I have the very same method on Dancing with the Stars! It is kind of fun to vote and see if you can make a difference in someone's life.

    Since on the subject of music, I've been listening to David Garrett on Grooveshark all day long. Have you listened to him play the violin?

  3. I cannot believe that I am addicted to this show as well! I started watching last season, and I wish I had begun at Season 1.

    My favorite is not someone you've voted for which surprises me because I often think 'I like that too' when you post. It's been a great season, hasn't it.

  4. Oh, Jody you make me smile. I don't watch. Last night I stayed up all the way until 8:30 watching Upstairs, Downstairs season 1.

  5. I watch. I vote. Ha Ha I always vote for Cassie. :)
    Last year I was so burnt out on this show and vowed to not get addicted this year, but the new judges have sucked me back in. So here I am- I am committed to wednesday and Thursday nights- Again.

  6. Well, here is my true confession. I miss Simon. I have watched a little this season, but have not followed closely, though I do love to see what shirt Steven Tyler is wearing. I am pretty sure he thinks he is a pirate.

  7. Hahaha -- you crack me up. Secretly, I don't -- have any idea who you are talking about. Somehow, I just never got interested in American Idol. I do occasionally look up from my laptop screen though, when hubby is watching Dancing with the Stars -- that's about as much reality as I can handle LOL.

  8. I voted 50 times for James Durbin!!!

  9. You are cracking me up!
    We watch over here, too. I have last nights show dvr'd and haven't been able to watch it yet. Casey is such a unique guy. We've enjoyed him from his audition on...

  10. Hey, Jodes! I absolutely loved Nature Boy, too! We voted for him. I thought last night was the best Idol show, ever. Almost every person nailed their song, and I loved having so many different genres of music sung so, heavy metal, jazz, rock, pop. I thought Jacob's performance was outstanding, too. America was treated to some real talent. Maybe NOT having Simon there was a good thing...maybe it took away some fears and allowed these "kids" to do their best work.
    -Ruth K.

  11. Well Miss Lilly...I have to confess I have never watched American Idol...not that I wouldn't , just that I don't get that I want the way, walking amongst the piles of poo is not boring at's actually theraputic!

  12. Okay, I've only watched it once, but that's mostly because I forget to. I'd actually like to watch it, just because it's fun to see talented young people.

    However, I'm dismayed that you didn't vote for the nice young man from NC! Scotty somebody. Everyone around here is very excited about him. Let me know how he does!



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