Sunday, April 17, 2011

For Holy Week -- a Holy Story....

"Stay up with me?" Jesus asked His friends.  They said yes and waited under the olive trees, but they were tired and soon fell asleep.  

Jesus walked ahead, alone in the dark.  He needed to talk to his Heavenly Father.
He knew it was time for Him to die.  They had planned it long ago, he and his Father.  Jesus was going to take the punishment for all the wrong things that anybody had ever done, or ever would do.

"Papa, Father," Jesus cried and he fell to the ground.  "Is there any other way to get your children back?  To heal their hearts?  To get rid of the poison?"

(To finish reading this incredible version of the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus excerpted from the Jesus Storybook Bible, please click here.)

Isn't it just like us sheep to be dozing and take our rest while our Good Shepherd is outside in the middle of the cold, dark night praying for us, making a way for us, laying down His life for us so that we can live?  Not just exist, but truly LIVE.  Every year during Lent, I read the story of Jesus from the Bible.  Last year, I read it from The Jesus Storybook Bible and it spoke to my child's heart.  It melted me.  If you have never read it, I wish you would.  I hope your child's heart melts with the words.

You can find the Jesus Storybook Bible here.  It is written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and the pictures are by Jago.  I like the pictures as much as the words because they look like a child might have drawn them.  I have my very own copy and I plan to give my grandchildren their own books.  It is truly a fascinating read.  Heart wrenching.  Heart melting.  And joyful too.

Did you notice?  It's a full moon tonight.  It is called the Full Pink Moon because the pink phlox is one of the earliest and widespread flowers of the spring.  It is also called the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Peony Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon due to the shad that are swimming upstream to spawn. April's full moon is sometimes called the Paschal Full Moon.  I just like to look at it and think of God speaking it into time and existence.  Awesome!  I also think of the many, many people like YOU who are looking at it the same time as I do, and I think of all those historic people from days gone by that looked upon the same moon and planned by the same moon that we see and love today.  Even Jesus looked upon this night light.  Even Jesus.

Happy Holy Week.

"Behold, the Lamb of God...."  ~John 1:29


  1. I just gave this book as a gift to the son of one of my daughters co-workers. I told her to make sure and read the Easter stories with him because it so spoke to my heart. I think I need to go buy myself a copy....

  2. I will look at the moon tonight and say a prayer for my sweet friend Jody.
    And I will say a quiet little hello to you because you may be looking at it at the same moment.

  3. Imagine him thinking us into existence as well. We had our parents here yesterday for Mattman's family birthday lunch. Imagine a conception beyond humanity, and all that done to protect it. Thanks for this- very excited about this book!

  4. An amazing post, thanks Jody. What a great version too, I hadn't read it before. So beautifully written. I wish I'd been able to read it to my kids when they were young. xxx

  5. I have that book and the CD but haven't listened to it all. You've inspired me Jody - thanks!

  6. Just ordered the book for my almost 3 yr old grandaughter....thankyou - I'm always looking for kid friendly books!!! Great post!

  7. At your recommendation, I ordered 2copies of this children's Bible. One for me and one for the grandkids. Because, I'm still a kid at heart!

    I enjoy your blog very much.


  8. This sounds like a wonderful book! I'm going to order one for Will, who is resistant to Sunday school, but loves being read to!

    I'll think of you the next time I look at the moon!


  9. Beautiful post and well said xoxox Clarice

  10. This is really sweet. Love the illustrations. Hugs.


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