Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The senses....

The days, they are full. I am trying to "live in the moment" and take in all that is around me so I decided to  share some of the things I see, hear, smell, feel, and taste.  Beware, not all things will be pleasant.
I see.....
Pink morning skies; snow, snow, snow; my breath; hat hair; eagle pairs; yellow cats on gray fences; chickens that want out of the coop; eggs in my bucket, strong men flipping bales from a stack; strong men grabbing ewes on the fly; my grandgirl carrying her own crook; two crooks hanging in the rafters; a dead skunk; three dead lambs; fresh straw for the jugs (pens); week-old lambs frisking and playing together (just like the storybooks); Mary Toodles smiling up at me.

I smell....
Ammonia and manure at the sheep shed and on the bottom of my boots; summer when I open an alfalfa hay bale; the dead skunk; that fresh, earthy smell when snow melts into the ground; ham frying for breakfast; milk when I feed the bum lambs; greasy lanolin when I rub down the bummies after their feeding; fresh paint; soapy-clean after a hot shower; line-dried sheets when I went to sleep last night; fresh coffee when I rise in the morning.

I hear....
The pick-up trucks running as they warm up each morning, the coffee trickle into the pot, boots tromping off the snow on the front porch; soft newborn baa's and mothering murmurings as ewes imprint their lambs at birth; the metal gate creaking as it swings; the sliding shed door; the newly-arriving blackbirds chortling, an owl hooting at dusk;  banging ice from water buckets, dogs whimpering in excitement to go with me in the truck; the guys radio-ing me; the water running into the bath tub.

I taste...
Ham & eggs for breakfast and honey on toast for breakfast-dessert; black coffee; freshly-made cake doughnuts; milk; brown beans; afternoon oatmeal cookies; snow when Hazel Peach offers me a bite of her snowball;  fresh, clean water; grilled cheese sandwiches; more hot coffee.

I feel....
Tired; energized; cold; sick of winter and cold days; finally warm in the hot bath; glad that I can work hard and go to bed tired; blessed to live in the country and to be a part of new life; wet, cold hands dipping out chunks of ice from buckets; sorry for lambs with no mothers; happy for lambs with good mothers; sorry for lambs with crazy mothers; physically stronger for the hard work; hungry; like I need a nap; the need for spring; warm wool slippers on my feet; slimy, wet lambs in my hands; wet gloves; hugs from my family; satisfaction.


  1. Satisfaction. The perfect culmination of your description of a rich life. Thank you, Jody, that was wonderful.

  2. Absolutely beautiful post. What a writer you are, I was there with you, smelling, seeing, hearing, feeling....fantastic! xxx

  3. Beautiful pictures in prose and pics!
    Love your descriptive narrative!
    Stay warm!

  4. Oh, how I love what you do, Jody. My prayers are with you, for you. The top photo is stunning. What a beautiful (and sometimes smelly!) life you live for Him.
    We have skunk visitors in our suburban Denver neighborhood, too! Request: photos of the dancing lambs?

  5. Haha -- I knew when you warned of unpleasantries that they'd be in the smelling department! You life sounds just perfect to me -- you lucky girl!

  6. I'm glad at the end of the day you sound content. Your description of lambs mothers can be applied to the general human population, too. :o)

  7. Pom Pom,
    I do promise I will have pictures of the frisking/dancing lambs soon. Maybe I'll go do that this afternoon when it warms up a little.

    I have never considered myself a "writer" but just write down the things as they are. I'm glad you enjoyed.

    It's so true that what I see in lamb mothers, I see in human mothers. You get those that are very attentive and those that run off after they lamb, some who are fairly indifferent to their lambs until you lock them up together, and those that will practically nibble the ears off their lambs they love them so.

    Thanks, everyone, for stopping in and thanks for your comments. I love them all.

  8. Love this post. Makes me stop and think about what is around me each and every day and how blessed we are to have these "senses."


  9. (sigh) ThanX for sharing this beautiful poetry of real life. How many folks move numbly through each day, senses dulled, and never stop to really taste, touch, smell, feel and LIVE?

  10. Dixymiss,
    Perhaps it's the COLD that keeps me "feeling life!"
    Really though, I do like what I'm doing even though carrying water and feeding hay is not a glamorous job.
    Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  11. Wonderful post.
    Loved it!

  12. Jody, I saw your post title and the first photo and my first thought was "that is so John Denver". Guess I'm just being weird today.


  13. Lovely thoughtful post Jody!

  14. I bet on your farm there is lots for the senses xoxo Clarice
    ps. do you want anything fdrom central before I send the books??


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