Saturday, March 05, 2011

Simple things turn into special things...

 French Tea Garden by Childe Hassam

Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea.
~Author Unknown 

Simple things turn into special things...

Water and Epsom salts turn into a healthy, relaxing bath.
Paper and pen turn into a letter to a friend.
Paper and crayons turn into art.
Words and a tune turn into a cheery song.
Fruit and sugar turn into jam for scones.
Needle, thread and calico turn into a patchwork quilt.
Knitting needles and yarn turn into cozy slippers. 
Water and cold air turn into frosty crystals.
A hug and kiss turn into balm for the soul.

Can you think of more?


  1. As I was wrapping my cold arms in my "butterfly wing" shawl this morning, I thought about how the squishy yarn turned into such a comfort. My long walk on the path (with my girl and her three girls!) turned into a deep and needed Saturday afternoon nap! The delicious pork loin I served for dinner last night made the most fantastic gravy for our mashed potatoes. I'm always so proud of myself when I "pull off" a good gravy! I had toast and Irish cheese for breakfast and now I shall turn water to tea. I love your heart and your bright mind, Jody!

  2. Oh I really enjoyed this!
    Sunshine and seeds turn into a garden

  3. How fun!
    Wood, saws and glue turn into furniture.

  4. Fabric and thread turn into a gift for a friend

    Trowel and gardening gloves and my pots of flowers make a splash of color

    Apple slices and cheese make a tasty morning snack

    Holding hefty ceramic mug filled to the brim with hot black coffee & sitting in my favorite morning chair with my Bible makes that little corner a Holy place


  5. Your recent posts have all warmed my heart Jody. I love this time of year on your ranch. Baby lambs are so sweet, and this post is simply lovely.

    Wind and leaves make music for our ears.


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