Sunday, March 13, 2011

Is Spring on the way? Here?

Here's a little Peach who likes to play with bum lambs.
She's just the right size for ear nibbling.
The first calf of the season is born.

As I was feeding sheep this morning, my eyes caught sight of meadowlarks on the fence post.
Then when I got home, I heard their unforgettable song...
"Turn on the spring sprin-kl-er."
The Canada Geese have made their descent too.

Warmer temperatures have arrived and the weatherman predicts more sunshine into next week!
(It has been a long, long winter here)

As I was typing this, I saw the first robin of spring fly up to my tree in the backyard.

Snow is melting, water is running into the creeks and stock ponds.

 Yes!  I do believe Spring IS on the way!


  1. Oh, I love your farmer heart! That photo of HP and the bums is adorable! I loved your comment on my blog today. You know me, Jody. That's good.
    My knee is still hurting so I've tried to stay off it over the weekend. Guess what I'm reading? Pilgrim's Inn. Amazing.
    The sun is shining here, too. Big puffy clouds are floating around in the blue-so-blue sky! Hooray!

  2. Now that is worth doing a happy dance for! Yay for Spring!


  3. Awwww! Spring IS on the way :)Bless your heart. We are much further along in NC, but it HAS been a very long, cold winter. Spring looks beautiful. And those lambs along the top of your blog are SO adorable -- esp. the one on the left. He'd make a great permanent pic :) Enjoy your birds!

  4. Wonderfull photos Jody! Especially love the one of your little with the lambs -- precious! And I don't think I've ever seen a meadowlark -- so pretty! I've had my bedroom door open today, and the birds have been singing their hearts out all day long -- so lovely.

  5. Your wointer has been long indeed- I hope Spring will bound in like the lambs and breathe new life all round!

  6. I LOVE your new header Jodi! It's always fun to see all the babies born on your farm. And YAY -- spring is on the way!

  7. Love that nibbler photo and of course that beautiful bird. I'm so glad Spring is on the way!

  8. Ah, wonderful, hope-filled spring! What a great picture of the meadowlark! This morning it looks like it is snowing outside my windows but it is really the wind blowing pear blossoms off the tree. =)

  9. I am in love with that first pic. That is too fabulous. And, I never got back to you about the bracelet/wristband thingie. I would like to chat about it. Although the hydrangeas are beautiful, they are perhaps a bit detailed. I would be more of a white and/or yellow and/or orange daisy type person. If that isn't ultra hippie. . .yikes! I'll try and shoot you an e-mail if I can get my brain together.

  10. Oh, the birds you get!

    Today there was a huge flock of robins in our neighborhood. They were up and singing all around me when I went to get the paper this morning, and it felt magical. I hear more bird songs every day. My favorite is the sad cooing of the mourning dove, which I've always found lovely.


  11. Oh and I am sooo glad it is on the way. I am done with winter!!! Clarice

  12. I have never seen a meadowlark. How can that be? Thank you for sharing that with me!


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