Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Do It!

It's spring.
It's time for a change in the seasons.
Something happens in my head about this time of year and I want change inside my home as I see the changes happening outside. I want light, fresh, clean, new.
This week, I was ready for a change in our bedroom.
My motto is Nike's --
Just do it!
The pic above is the BEFORE of our gold bedroom.

And this picture is the light, fresh, clean, new AFTER picture of our bedroom transformation.  I covered the walls with Valspar's Macadamia and the ceiling got a coat of Bran Muffin.  My son, J,  helped me pull off the all trim around the windows and doors and the base boards, then I sanded, stained, and varnished the wood in a rich mahogany to reflect the red stain of our bedroom furniture.

The paint almost takes on pink hues in these pictures, but it does not look pink in our room.  Must be the lighting.  I really like my branch on the wall.  It's a hunk of honeysuckle vine that I pruned last year.  I knew when I trimmed it off, I would find a good use for it.
S., our college student, made this wonderful papercutting in his art class.  His tools were a piece of 18x24" sketch paper and an Exacto knife.  That's it.  (He got an A!)  He knew I'd love it, and I do.  I think I'll put a brown background paper behind it instead of the grey.  It is now hanging on the wall with some vintage bird pictures I printed off from The Graphics Fairy and feathers that I've picked up in the pasture.  I tend to collect feathers.  I don't feel that I'm completely finished with our room yet.  I am looking for the perfect, funky little night stand for my side of the bed and I'd like to add some turquoise accents.  For the now, I'm so happy.


  1. That paper cutting is amazing. I see why you like it. This is a great transformation. Love the new trim stain...very nice.

  2. Your college student did an AMAZING job. Your whole room looks so lovely. I absolutely love your door! :)

  3. A fantastic job--so classy and put together. Will you please come to my house?


  4. Wow! You definitely have reason to be happy. And it tickles me to see you have some branch decor, too!

  5. What a lovely transformation. The color is soothing and your accessories tres chic! S's paper cutting piece is fantastic. I enlarged it on my screen to get a better look at the detail ~ amazing!

  6. Oh Jody -- it's BEAUTIFUL! I can't imagine all that work sanding and staining the trim -- makes me tired just to think about it. You have a wonderful eye for arrangements on your walls. I LOVE the wreath and that papercutting is amazing. Thanks for sharing -- I could sure use you here to help with our kitchen/family room -- I'm having the worst time making decisions!

  7. Your bedroom is so elegant! I love the paint color! Our bedroom will have to wait until summer time to get a proper dose of attention. I do like sticks on the walls. Somehow I'm still going for the camp/cabin look because I am Mother Bear and I want to live in the woods.

  8. Love your new paint color - way more soothing than the gold. Your art is especially fun and really makes the room. I love the paper cutting and the fluffy wreath/silhouette...they make the space seem chic and personal. Great job on "just doing it"!

  9. My stars, J, you did a lot of work! And the results are dreamy.
    p.s. I've been bathing in Epsom Salt too ;). I think it helps with my old lady achies.

  10. What a gorgeous job!! Looks fabulous -- and your son's artwork is really neat. I think it'll good excellent with the brown background.

  11. Love it. Love you bed. DH is just about finished with one he has been working on for us. Same style as yours but in pine. I want to paint my BR! I painted it sage green a couple of years ago....liked it for a few months, now, not so much. Love your color and the woodwork looks awesome!


  12. What a great before and after! I've looked at the woodwork in this 100-year old house and have considered refinishing the woodwork. But then I get busy doing something else to drive that thought away. Now I'm rethinking it......

  13. I literally gasped when I saw the "after" picture! Oh, my goodness, what a transformation. I imagine you're very happy indeed!


  14. paper cutting is such a pain in the you know what. your son did an amazing job. Love it, just like I love what you have done with you room xoxo Clarice

  15. Your room looks lovely!

  16. You did a beautiful job on your bedroom. It looks lovely. We just had our bedroom and bathroom done but by a painter and it just lifts you up. Your son is very talented in his paper cutting.

    What a great hobby for him if he really enjoyed doing it.




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