Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Queensland and Victorian Flood Relief Appeal Raffle

Wouldn't you just love to snuggle this adorable little dolly?
Her name is Hollie and she was created by Jenny from Jenny Wren Dolls for a specific purpose.

You have no doubt heard of the recent flood devastation in Queensland and Victoria, Australia.  Last year it was bushfires and this year it's floods.  If you'd like to help the folks there and have a chance at winning Hollie, read on.

Little Jenny Wren is raffling off  her beautiful handmade doll in return for your donation of $5 or more to the Queensland and Victorian Flood Relief.   Just click over to this page and follow the links.  The raffle is open until Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at midday.  Thank you for helping others, and thank you, Jenny, for giving us the opportunity.


  1. I love Jenny's dolls! I'll go right over and join in.
    p.s. Thanks so much for the sweet comment about my embroidered towels! And no, I didn't do them but found them at Anthropologie - love that place!

  2. I saw this on Jenny's blog. So dear.

  3. Jody,
    Thank you for doing this. My heart is going out to all those affected by the flooding!
    I have gone over to add my donation and name/raffle ticket.


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