Monday, January 17, 2011

Around Home....

 Here's a pic of our little "Toodles" with her Papa.  
She's such a good baby.  Very content.  What a blessing for her parents!
Her mama is not well though.  She just found out she has walking pneumonia and she's exhausted.
You'll find me in the kitchen these days, cranking out the chicken & dumpling soup and other meals to share with our neighbors.  
Miss Peach is here lots more too.  
We're trying to give Mama plenty of quiet rest time.

I finished this fun apron for a friend. 
It's a Susan Branch pattern that DIL loaned me from one of her sewing books.  
She made me an apron similar to it for Christmas and I love it!
You can see it peeking out in the picture below.

I stitched up this child-sized apron for HP using a dish towel and some red polka dot ribbon for the ties.  She and I are messy cooks and we had a big cooking day here today.  Miss Peach always wants to help me cook so we made heart-shaped cheddar crackers from this recipe,  and then we made cheesy scalloped potatoes.  She likes to put the potato slices in the dish and sprinkle on the salt and pepper. 
I'm so glad she likes to work with me in the kitchen.  
She even does dishes!
(plays in the dish water mostly)
We had warm temperatures yesterday and a little rain here overnight.  The  snow is greatly melted and now a sheet of ice covers the ground.  It makes simple walking a very difficult task.  I should have strapped on my ice skates when I went to the chicken coop tonight.  I could skate anywhere I wanted to go!  HP wanted to make snow angels, but we couldn't.  The snow that remains is hard as a rock and then there is the ice.  Not good ingredients for snow angels.  I did pull her around on the sled though.


  1. BEAUTIFUL baby! What a head of hair :)
    And that apron is wonderful -- so cute! I want to make one, but I'm not one to follow patterns.
    I always let my girls play in the dish water (pretend doing dishes), and they gradually got very good at the washing. Now my kids do all the kitchen clean up each evening, and it's SO nice.

  2. Oh my Toodles is so precious. Love the hair. How wonderful that you are so close to aid with your tender loving care. May mama get well soon. It's sweet to read about your fun times with Miss Peach. Love that apron, too.

  3. Keepin mama (and you and yours) in my prayers.

  4. How wonderful to have a baby close by! And just the way it should be, you being available to help with the sick and needy family members. It's a good thing you can cook. :-)

  5. How nice you can help while Mamma gets some rest. The baby is beautiful!

    Have fun!

  6. Congratulations again on a sweet little girl...she is so sweet!
    Prayers for Mamma! Hope she improves soon...poor girl!
    Lovely aprons! And...
    the forecast for us today is freezing rain so we will have similar weather.
    Stay safe!

  7. She is precious! I'm sure soup and rest will have Mama feeling better soon. HP is one treasured grandgirl, VERY blessed! I had to hack ice off our driveway, but at least the temps are melting it, too. Here's to more snow angel snow very soon!

  8. Awww, what a little sweetie -- there's nothing like having a new baby around! I'm so sorry to hear that her mama isn't well -- I hope she'll be feeling better soon. I love those cute little aprons. It looks like you're having a wonderful January. We're getting the rain now and it's a little slick out there -- I'm sure the ice is to follow -- yuck!

  9. Now that's a beautiful baby!

    Sorry about your ice. We were icy here all last week, and getting the newspaper was quite an adventure. Now we've got rain and gloom. Ah, winter ...


  10. She is lovely :) praying that Mama is healthy again quick!

    love the aprons, esp. the teatowel one, I should sew one up for Henry...


  11. Cute apron and even cuter babykins! Prayers for J. ~Leslie
    word verification is "hoties" haha

  12. Oh what a darling baby! And such a lovely pic with Papa. Love your apron too, gorgeous! :)

  13. What a sweetie pie!! Poor Jamie, I am so glad you are there to help. Oh my gosh love the aprons. Adorable, well done xoxoxo Clarice

  14. Hello,

    Congradulations on your new grand-daughter. I have been reading your blog for quite a while (off and on). Ever since a dear friend in Oregon (Laura - married to Larson - daughter of your California friend Joyce - sorry to be vague but it seems you tend to be vague on names and locations so I did not want to be overly forthcoming :-) told me of her eastern Montana friend who had a blog.

    I also live in Montana - SW Montana. I also live very remotely (Joyce told me of her first visit to your place). I also am a Christian. I also have a new grand-daughter. So. .we have a few things in common.

    I am writing with a bit of a 'odd' question. In brief: My husband and I are selling our business. We have tossed around ideas as to where we will go and what we will do once the business sells. Recently we have landed on an idea which has been in the back of our minds for a long time - farming / ranching. However we are seeking to get advice / input from others who have made this their livelihood. Thus I would like to ask you a few questions if you are so inclined.

    You can reach me on my email: if you are willing to allow me to ask you a few questions.

    Thank you!


  15. The baby is just precious!!!
    Love those aprons!!!!!

  16. oh dear - walking pneumonia is not good especially for a new mama - praying for her right now. The new little grandbaby is adorable! And how fun to get to play with HP in the kitchen.

    The aprons are the cutest!

    It's icy here too. Can't go outside for a walk at all. But snow is coming tomorrow.

  17. Yes, she is so precious!
    Congratulations and
    blessings to all the family as you cherish her!
    Joanne at Seasonal Hearth


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