Friday, January 07, 2011

House cat...

 I feel like a house cat this afternoon with my feet pulled up under me as I sit in the sun by the big front window, soaking in every ray of warmth and light I can.   As you can see, I have been spending a little quiet time stitching a redwork tea towel.  It's a mushroom garden which I love.  I find it interesting that in the 70's mushrooms were IT.  And a few decades later, mushrooms are IT once more!  I found the pattern here, but chose to not add all the details.

It was a bright day here with a light wind that gave it a definite chill, but that didn't keep me from taking my two mile walk to the mailbox and back.  I took the parcels up for the mailman, and after gathering the eggs, I decided to walk back up and fetch the mail home.  I have the best-ever, red mailbag that I always take with me.  I made it a while back using a plastic grocery bag as a pattern, so the handles are part of the tote bag.  It is so sturdy and can sure carry a lot of mail.  I'm glad because I always bring A&J's mail along with ours, and we sometimes have Amazon boxes in our mail (the very best kind of mail next to real letters!) which I can fit into the bag too.  I found the link for the bag pattern for you  here!

I had Youngest Son cut a few pitch posts from the old post pile for me so we'd have plenty of fast-burning starting wood for the stove this weekend.  We are expecting an Arctic front to swoop down upon us bringing sub-zero temps and snow.  They are telling us 5-10 inches of new snow so we'll hunker down and see how it all turns out.  In the meantime, we are still waiting on The Baby to come just any day.  Because Hubs is a rancher through and through, he says, "If she was a cow, I'd bet on her having that baby when the storm hits."  Now I know that sounds crude, but we have made our  living calving cows for 30 years together and Hubs grew up ranching -- so I know what he means.  We see it over and over again.  When the weather changes, for some reason, the cows tend to start labor.  Some folks say it is because of the barometric pressure.  I'm not sure if that's it, but you can almost always count on a change in the weather to bring on labor in cows that are close to their due date.  We'll see if it brings on labor for our sweet Daughter-in-Love.

I hope you're staying warm, soaking in some sun, and finding a few moments of quiet to do the things you love. 


  1. Well I'll be waiting to see if the ranchers prediction happens. Make sure and tell us :o)

  2. My mother did a number of needlepoint mushrooms on pillows in the '70s, and I just this minute remembered a shirt I had with mushrooms across the chest. Funny! I didn't know mushrooms were back in, but I like your redwork mushrooms very much.

    Email me your address and I'll send you a postcard or a letter. If you walk two miles to get your mail, you deserve something other than bills!

    Can't wait to hear when the baby comes!


  3. Beautiful tea towel! I always love redwork.

    And mushrooms --- yes, I remember those days! My mother made all sorts of mushroom things in the 70's. She had them tole painted, formed out of dough, and stitched onto things. They were so cute and stylized. It's so interesting how fashions in anything come and go and then come back again.

    Keeping warm!

  4. Hi Jody, love your redwork, can't wait to see the finished item. Looking forward to hearing some baby news soon! :) Keep cosy. xx

  5. Best wishes to the new parents, and I hope things go well for them.

  6. I love the way you stitch. You deserve a saucer of cream.
    Oh, I'm so excited about the baby! I was thinking of booties the other day and I read somewhere that for a while babies didn't wear them, but your little lamb is going to need some!
    I agree with you that Amazon boxes are the very best mail next to handwritten letters!

  7. I've been thinking of you and your new grandbaby. Can't wait to here the news. And are you ever a fast stitcher. All I have done is contemplate (well, I have had a headache for days, too, and just can't seem to concentrate. But I heart the mushrooms.

  8. So funny, when I was waiting and waiting for the babies to come, DH would always look at the calendar for the full moon. He said all the heifers calved more when the moon was full. And he was usually right. And your Hubs is right about weather changes. DH used to calve around 150 head of heifers a year, and never seemed to fail when the weather turned bone chilling they satrted to pop them out.
    We are waiting for that front as well. Isn't it strange that you are way north and we are way south but the same artic front is supposed to hit us both? They are thinking Monday evening here, and we may not be out of freezing temps for the highs all week. Very very unusual for southeastern NM.

    Stay Warm!


  9. Beautiful redwork you're doing there little House Cat! I also remember mushrooms being in during the 70's -- also owls - which are in again too. Although, I don't remember seeing any done in pretty redwork -- only those 70's colors - bright oranges, golds, etc. - not so lovely ;).
    p.s. beautiful header!

  10. The towel is coming along beautifully. I always love to see what you are working on. We've hit a bit of a cold spell here in Michigan and the snow just keeps coming. I can't seem to get warm enough. Blessings!

  11. I never thought of it like that, but yes, house cat, great term. I love you Jody because you know how to be content in your home. Aren’t you amazed by people who feel that we must be board being a home? Board not a word I would use xoxoox Clarice


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