Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feeling stitchy....

 I'm working on a few things.  Stitchy things.  HP and I got to spend a tiny bit of time in my favorite place yesterday -- The Bakery -- where we looked and touched, compared and matched and chose a few vintage fabrics to play with.  A big spool of red ric rac was unfurled and cut so we could take 6 yards home with us to add special touches to things.  Red ric rac edges are happy edges!

See.  The mushroom garden got a ziggy border.  There's always room for a bit of red in the kitchen isn't there?  I have it hidden in my kitchen drawers so that every time I open them for a whisk or a measuring cup, I get a happy kick of red polka dots.  What colors are accentuating your kitchen?

I'm sorry, I didn't straighten up my drawer before you peeked in, but you did like seeing my red dots didn't you?


  1. I think that's a very lovely drawer! So clean -- mine are MUCH worse. The dashes of red are very cheering in the dark winter!

  2. I love the polka dots and I do have accents of read...but my drawers are not that Dianntha

  3. Love the red polka dots...

  4. Uh, that drawer looks pretty tidy to me! LOVE the red. I think I like pink until I remember how happy red is. Your mushroom garden is adorable and cheers for rick rack! It's so happy!

  5. I LOVED seeing your red dots -- what a fun idea! Is HP having fun with the new baby? Sounds like maybe more fun with Grandma!

  6. I love red! I have touches of red all over my kitchen. I think I want polka dots in my drawers now :) And ric rac edges are vey happy edges!

  7. Your mushrooms turned out so cute! And I love the ric rac - adds the perfect touch.

  8. Funny, I was just thinking how nice and orderly your drawer looked and then read your caveat. Oh, my dear, you have no idea! My drawers would probably be much neater if I took out everything that I never used and hardly even recognized.

    Love the polka dots and ric-rac! Mostly I've got blue in my kitchen, but I'm thinking about importing some orange ...


  9. Oh, I LOVE the red polka dots!

    I'd line my drawers with red dots, but I know for a fact that it would not show. Too much stuff in mine.

  10. Hey everyone! I didn't show you some of my other drawers because it's harder to see the polkies underneath ALL THAT STUFF I have. This drawer, for some reason, tends to be just as it is and so I see the polka dots more. That's why I chose it. Even though my other drawers have more stuff, I can still see the polkies peep out now and then. When the towel/washcloth drawer is near empty, I see lots of dots.

    Hazel Peach is deciding that she does now like her little sister. At first, she totally ignored her, but today she's liking her and brushing her hair, showing her toys and such. All is well.

    I love orange too! In fact, I have a plate that is white with orange designs on it that hangs on my kitchen wall.

    Thanks for your comments everybody!


  11. I love red and have lots and lots of it. And I could only wish my drawer looked like that! Ha


  12. Beauitful work Jody. I still adore my oilcloth lined drawers, the best thing in the word xoxo Clarice

  13. Hi Jody!

    I LOVE your ziggy rick-rack and happy polka's! Red's the perfect zing for winter... or for anytime!

    Kim :-)


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