Thursday, April 23, 2009

Aprons, tie one on!

One of my fellow Ranchwives caught my eye with her Church Ladies' Aprons and I knew I just had to find the pattern. It's a reversible pattern which is nice because I can get more bang for my buck. This apron has a red/white ticking teamed up with a blue and red floral. The pockets have some red rick-rack to give a little pizazz. (click on photos for a closer look)

The willow tree in my backyard makes a nice model,
dontcha think?

This is another Church Ladies' Apron in pink gingham and white muslin. I took up a challenge from Amy at Angry Chicken's Tie One On blog to make an apron with No $$. The idea is to spend nothing and create an apron with whatever materials you have on hand. If you're interested in submitting an apron, check out this link. You have until April 30th to submit a photo to Amy.

I added chicken scratch embroidery to the bib and pocket edges on the gingham side of this apron. It's a really fun and old-fashioned technique that gives a lacy look to gingham. For more on how to do chicken scratch, click here, here, and here. You'll find some chicken scratch photos on this gingham apron gallery too.

Isn't Miss Willow looking very Susie Homemaker here?
To find the Church Ladies Apron pattern, click here. 
Its creator is Mary Mulari.


  1. How cute! I am glad you found the pattern, it's a lot of fun. Although it is hard to get the double pockets out of 1 yd. I think a yard and a quarter would work better. I love the embellishments!

    I hung mine in my desert willow tree. We don't have enough water for a plain willow, we have the dry desert variety.

    I may scoot over to the web site you mentioned and take the challenge. Sounds like fun.


  2. Oh I love all these great aprons and your model!!

  3. I LOVE aprons! This are just adorable. The fact that they are reversible is even better!

  4. Beautiful aprons! I love that pattern -- full front aprons are my favorite. Your fabric choices are perfect together -- especially with the ric rac and chicken scratching!

  5. Oh, Jody! I've been working on a black and white gingham apron for months now that has the same chicken scratch pattern running across the bottom edge as your pink gingham. Now I must finish it for "show and tell".

    One thing I'm wondering: Did you put anything on the back to stabilize the thread or is the apron lined? I'll go back and reread your post, maybe you said.

    Nice work!


  6. All of the aprons are so pretty. I love the detail of the chicken scratch embroidery that you added, really enhances the gingham.

  7. How darling! It's funny, but my mom has a very similar, pretty little apron! * smile*. I wore it just yesterday when fixing dinner (despite the fact that I have an apron of my own). The pinks and blues were too cute, and they were shouting “spring is here.” It was a pleasure to turn about the kitchen in something so feminine and pretty. 

  8. Ranchwife,
    I agree that if you wanted to do the double pockets (tulip look) you'd not have enough fabric in one yard to cut them. I hope you take the Tie One On challenge No $$ apron.

    Ellen B, I love my model too. The faithful Willow.

    Chocolate, I like being able to reverse the apron too.

    Thimbleanna, I really NEED a full front apron. I'm a messy cook.

    Storybook Woods, Thanks for the sweet comments. I was going to do more chicken scratch on the bottom of the apron, but it takes quite a while and I wanted to meet the deadline for the challenge.

    Monica, I did not put anything on the back of the embroidery to stabilize it. I think next time, I would. The gingham I have is very light and shifty and makes it hard to keep a good "tension" as you embroider. A light interfacing would be a good stabilizer, I think. This apron is reversible, so the backside of my embroidery doesn't show. I hope you'll share pics of your B&W chicken scratch apron, Monica.


  9. Junie Moon, I really like the chicken scratch/gingham combo. Very retro-vintage. I want to do more...maybe on a dress for the Grandangel!

    Beauty of the Lord,
    Enjoy twirling in that apron! I'm glad you're enjoying it.


  10. I've never seen chicken scratch embroidery and I'm simply in love with it. I adore aprons in general and the ones your willow is wearing in particular!


  11. Frances,
    I really loved doing the chicken scratch (maybe because it's not difficult). It takes time tho. Thanks for your kind comments.


  12. These aprons remind me of the ladies in the church I grew up in. The annual chicken bar-b-que was the first weekend in June, and oh the aprons! Thanks for the memory.

  13. Jody, you have SUCH cute ideas! I love your model tree...and also that propane tank that was hamming it up in the background!

    I did some chicken scratch probably 20 years ago and really enjoyed it but couldn't think of much to use it on. I see aprons are really becoming a popular craft so I may just have to relearn the chicken scratch. The blue and pink combo sounds pretty.
    It would be fun to have an apron to wear in the kitchen!

  14. Lisa, just for the record, I look for good ideas and copy! But thank you for your vote of confidence! And thanks for noticing the propane tank. Just keepin' it real!


  15. They are cute! Great job! The chicken scratch adds the extra little touch.

    I love the Susie Homemaker willow too!:)


  16. Well, talk about talent! They are so very cute. I don't even think I'll give it a try. I'll stick to knitting!

  17. Lovely aprons Jody!

    I'm checking every day to see if the hollyhocks are coming yet. I'll send a picture when (if!) they do.

  18. You've been tagged!! See my blog for details :-)

  19. your aprons are so pretty. I have not been by in such a long time..but it was high time I did some blog visiting. I wanted to stop by and say "howdy" and to wish you a lovely week. ZZBy the way the lemon merigue pie on your blog reminded me of the lemon meringue pies my granny used to make..oh my..I may have to learn to make those soon..I sure miss the things like that that granny used to share with us.'s wishing you a lovely week.

  20. Your aprons are lovely and very useful. I adore pinafore type aprons; have a picture of my Grandmother, who was always wearing an apron, in her, true, pinafore. I wonder if women used to pin their aprons so they'd always have a safety pin or they didn't want to "waste" material going 'round the neck...Why, do you think?


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