Saturday, April 04, 2009


I just can't help myself. There are SO many cute little softies and eggs to make for Easter that I can't quit. I'm snowed in, the bathrooms are clean, the floor is swept and there is no reason to go outside until it's time to gather the eggs, so.....I sew! Too bad I don't have about 10 more grandchildren so I have an excuse to keep sewing and stitching! Perhaps I'll stash a few for gifts. You can find the embroidered bunny softie pattern at Wee Wonderfuls. I gave my bunny softie a little fabric dress and a corsage.

This sweet bunny was supposed to be a cashmere bunny, but all I had to work with was a brown minky fabric. I just love how he turned out! And he's soooooo soft and loveable. This was REALLY easy. He looks three dimensional, but he's not. Check out Betz White's tutorial here. I added a bit of interfacing to the bunny's ears to get them to stand up, but you can leave them without for a floppy-eared bun.

If you're looking for more Easter tutorials, check out Sew Mama Sew to find several more ideas.


  1. These are SOOO adorable Mom!! Love the brown big bunny- he looks like a real stuffed animal! Great job. Let me guess....for Hazel?

  2. Oh, how cute! Sewing is fun. :-)

    I'm doing a give-away over at my place, in case you're interested!

    Kate, Kim's daughter :-)

  3. Ohhh...I like that little brown bunny!


  4. OMG! I LOVE The BUNNY!! I love it all. Are you having fun young lady? :)


  5. Oh Ms. Gumbo! I LOVE that little brown bunny better than any other I've seen out of that pattern. So, SO CUTE!!!

  6. So this is what happens when one is snowed in ;- ) I love it all xoxoxox Clarice

  7. These are adorable! You always do the most creative and cute things! That is one blessed little grandangel! :D

  8. What sweet bunnies, just perfect for a special display or basket.

  9. It seems we're all going bunny crazy this Easter! Very cute.


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