Thursday, April 02, 2009

Eggy Chicks...

I've been thinking about a fun Little Something that I could tuck into the Grandangel's Easter basket. I think I've discovered it. I saw some ideas online similar to it, but I made my own version. I used flannel for the egg shape -- cut with pinking shears, and then I used heat & bond to applique my chicks. The rest is ribbon embroidery with very simple stitches. After I embroidered on one half of the egg, I simply machine stitched around the egg, leaving an opening to stuff it with fiberfill and completed sewing the seam closed. Simple and fun!

My next project is to plant some wheat into buckets and baskets for "living easter grass." It takes about one week to get a nice stand of grass. I used to do this with my children when they were Littles. Here's a sampling of how Martha Stewart did it.

Addendum: You can find wheat seed at any feed store for a much cheaper price than buying pre-grown wheat grass. Line baskets and buckets with plastic or other containers before planting. Plant seed about 1/2" deep in soil. If your grass gets a little too long before you're ready to use it, just trim it with a scissors to the desired length.


  1. Very cute Ms. Gumbo! And gosh, I didn't know you could get grass in just a week -- wheat grass must be much better than what I used to use. I just went to the garden shop and got grass seed and it used to take WEEKS -- I'd usually plant it six weeks in advance. I love a real grass basket!

  2. Those are adorable, Jody! You have the best ideas.

  3. I think I would like you for a grandma - my poor grandma had 32 grandchildren and I was one of the last ones. I hate to say it but she used to forget which one I was...

  4. Jody...did you do this yourself?
    Oh it is so sweet and precious.

    Awesome job.

  5. You are the worlds, best and creative grandma xoxoxox Clarice


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