Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The "video" part of this was not my main concern, but rather, the sounds of the frogs croaking. It was a perfect spring night....calm, quiet, frogs "singing"... and I wanted to capture that. Along with the sounds, the sky was pretty at that time of night. Turn up the volume, listen, and enjoy the night sounds.


  1. Around here we know when the frogs start singing our maple syrup season is over ~ the sap isn't running in the trees anymore.

    Our sheep breed is North Country Cheviot. We're up to 9 lambs, so far.

  2. This peaceful sound is one of my favorites of the early spring. My husband called me from the barn the other night to tell me to come down by the pond and hear them--he knows how I love it. It was a treat to come to your blog here and hear the 'music' and 'meet' someone who appreciates the nightsounds as well. Your blog is a very nice place to visit!

  3. Ah spring -- it's beautiful -- thank you for recording it. We used to live next to a swampy area and I LOVED the three days in spring when the frogs' waking up was almost deafening.

  4. It's beautiful and so peaceful. Night sounds are so magical and I always get this wonderful sense of contentment and feeling of peace when sitting quietly and listening to what nature provides us in the dark.


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