Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Simple things...

Doesn't this sewing top look cute? For the longest time, I have been sewing at this desk with its worn and damaged top. It would catch on everything I sewed. I decided it was high time I do something about it. I really didn't want to refinish it so I thought about a simple solution -- oil cloth. Awhile back I added a splash of color and an easy fix to the stained top of my dryer. I added a piece to my washer too so they could match, so I figured, why not do the same for my sewing desk?

My Hometown's old bakery has now become a fine fabric store which also sells local art and handicrafts. I stopped in and found this heavy piece of floral oilcloth there for about $10. I tacked the front of the oil cloth onto my dresser with double stick tape. I don't know how long it will stay there, but I thought it was worth a try. The weight of the sewing machine will keep the rest of the oil cloth anchored onto the desk just fine.

What fun it has been to sew again. The fabric slides beautifully across my now smooth surface. As Martha would say, "It's a good thing."

I also made a cute little flounce for the top of a window by taking a length of fabric (one and a half times the width of the window) and cutting two 1/2 inch strips every 4 to 5 inches on the top so I could tie it directly onto the curtain rod.

The little flap that is left can flop over the backside of the curtain so it looks finished. Here, I left one flap facing out to show you how it works. Hem the sides and bottom (or use stitch witchery if you don't sew), tie the flounce on and you're done!

It's very unfussy and cute, I think.


  1. Very cute indeed Ms. Gumbo. And very clever! I love your oilcloth too!

  2. Very pretty --- I love the valence especially!

  3. Oh my...these look so easy-peasy, one could change valances with the seasons. I like it!!


    P.S. I think LK over at Sweethomelivin' would like these!

  4. Talk about brilliant. LOVE your curtain idea. Charming !!! Love Clarice

  5. Very nice!! I love that oil cloth you chose. Enjoy your creativity it all looks great...

  6. I love the curtains! I think I'll have to find some cute fabric and try that in my new kitchen! Thanks for sharing the cute idea!! :)


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