Thursday, August 28, 2008

Remembering Tasha Tudor...

In the spirit of Tasha Tudor, I have begun my celebration of her birthday first by setting the table with fresh cut flowers from my flower beds. These are what's in season at my house and like Tasha, I prefer their old-fashioned common names to their scientific names. The vase holds Black-eyed Susan, Cosmos, Baby's Breath, larkspur, a big red zinnia, and a light pink stem-flower that I'm calling Fairy-pink Beardtongue because I can not seem to find it's name or a picture of it anywhere! More celebrating to come later.........

"Because I gardened as a little girl, and my mother and grandmother were passionate gardeners before me, I grew up with flowers, knew them by their look and feel, and called them by all their old colloquial names. Dame's rocket, sweet William, monkshood, and meadow rue -- the old-fashioned names are so much prettier. Delphinium were always called larkspur. Clematis autumnale was virgin's bower. The sound of "foxglove" is so much pleasanter than "digitalis."

~Tasha Tudor

The Private World of Tasha Tudor

For more celebrating of Tasha Tudor's birthday, please go to Storybook Woods for others who are joining in the fun. Also, visit Tasha Tudor and Family for more about this special lady.


  1. Beautiful tribute!

  2. Flowers from your garden are a perfect way to remember Tasha Tudor. Happy TT day. Love Clarice

  3. Wow! A 3 part tribute!I enjoyed reading them - I'd love to come and have a Tasha Tudor tea with lemon tartlettes (of course:)

  4. Your tribute was wonderful and thank you for sharing the recipes.


  5. One last comment, Jody. My mom always had a Tasha Tudor book on the coffee table when I was a girl. I never paid much attention to it. I'm going to have to dig it out and take a closer look. Thanks for the insights into her life. She sounds remarkable.


  6. Your Tasha Tudor and autumn posts have been a pleasure to read Jody. I love the vase of flowers and up above the photos of your porch decorated for the new season. Your wreath is very pretty.

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