Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bad ass patch job...

Mending jeans has a new twist. Middle Son asked me to patch his jeans today. Well.....I've been patching jeans for 25 years and have never been asked to mend them with a bandanna! I know, you're wondering why not denim like I did. Well.... a couple weeks ago Youngest Son called my cell phone to proudly announce to me,
"Mom, I just patched my jeans!"
"Wonderful!" I delightedly exclaimed.
"Did you use the sewing machine?" I asked.
"And a bandanna!" he informed.
"Well, why didn't you use some denim? There's plenty in the closet."
"Because, the bandanna showing underneath the hole looks so 'bad ass'." (which means "cool, groovy or far out" in my language)

So when Middle Son, home from his summer job before heading back to college, asked me to patch his jeans, he requested the bad ass bandanna patch job too. However, I had no bandanna so I did the best I could and found a hip, olive green, heavy-duty fabric from his gramma's old fabric stash. And here are the results.

The look, "worn and rugged" with just a little something-other-than-denim showing through. I'm tellin' ya, this is one hip style I'm patching up. I can't wait until his friends start sending their mending home with him on weekends!

Do you remember.....
-When jeans only came in one color -- new dark blue?
-When Levi 501's came only in "shrink to fit?"
-When it took 5 years for a pair of jeans to be soft and pale blue?
-When there were only two brands of jeans -- Levi and Wrangler?
-When jeans were called "Levis?"
-When holes in your jeans meant you were poor or your mom didn't sew?
-When jeans only came in straight leg or boot cut?


  1. What a good sport you are with that bad *** job of mending! I do so remember all the things you listed!

  2. hee hee! Hilarious! That's awesome they are taking care of themselves when mom isn't around! ;) The bandana idea sounds cool!

    Yes, Yes, & Yes! I remember all that about our levi's! Nice dark jeans,light blue ones I wore around the house only because they were SO OLD and had holes in the knees!:)

    Still giggling at the your posts..Love it!Thanks for making me smile mom and boys!

  3. This is so funny. I'm not too sure whether my jeans are "bad ass" or "fat ass"...hmmm...anyway, when I was a youngster I would go through all sorts to make my 501s look suitably worn and battered, it was so uncool to have them in dark denim. Oh, and my mum went completely mental one time when she caught me purposefully making holes in the knees of my jeans.

  4. I'll have to show this to C.Z., who is currently complaining about the state of her jeans. Sounds like a nice sewing project!

    You made me chuckle! (This and the previous post title, too.)


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