Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wedding footwear....

Here are the sparkly silver sandals that I'll be sporting for my daughter's wedding next weekend. They are SO cute on! They have a fairly low, wide heel so I won't feel too tipsy and the width in the foot is perfect. Where did I find these beauties? Zappos! I love doing business with them -- free overnight shipping to me and free returns back -- what's not to love about that? I tried on a couple other Annie brand sandals and really liked the look and feel, but decided on these. I would definitely buy this brand again.

As for me, I need comfort. As a younger woman, I used to put anything on my feet and didn't have to worry, but as the mature woman I am today, I find that comfort is a must. Along with my silver sandals, I am adding this bit of comfort to the ball-of-the-foot area. The Airplus gel insert is clear (so it doesn't look tacky) sticks to the shoe, gives a little extra padding to my foot and does not allow slippage. Plus, I can take the gel pads in and out and adjust them easily. I found these at my local Wal Mart so they're easy to come by. (This post was not supposed to sound like a commercial, but it does, doesn't it? Still, for those of you who are attending weddings this spring and summer, I'm thinking of your comfort as well as my own and I just wanted to share a "good thing.") This week I am breaking in my sandals while doing dishes and baking cupcakes. I'm feeling so "June Cleaver."


  1. Oooh, soooo pretty! I'm with you, comfort is everything these days. I ended up wearing a pair of shoes (somewhat similar in style to yours) that I've had probably since we were married or maybe even before. The heel was a little high and my feet hurt by the end of the night. But I didn't have to buy new shoes LOL!

  2. You are going be one gorgeous mother of the bride. Love Clarice

  3. Your new sandals are beautiful. I can't wear crazy shoes anymore either, my poor aged feet hate me if I even think about trying. I think you're very smart to break in your new shoes before the big day.


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