Monday, May 19, 2008

The prairie from my saddle....

(click on pics to enlarge)

It was a howling windy day today as we moved cow calf pairs from one pasture to another. Still, it was wonderful being out there, seeing all the new life springing up everywhere.

A newborn kid antelope.

I was off my horse, kneeling down to get a closer look at the locoweed when a calf cut back and ran my way. I should've been paying a little more attention. J. came along and turned her back into the herd.

P.S. Southeast Electric Coop just called to say that our power is back ON! That's 19 days of generating our own power today.


  1. How beautiful is that?? The newborn antelope is "Adorable"!:)
    Sweet,sweet picture. Lucky you!

    So glad your power is back on. Whew!!!19 days! Amazing!

    Thanks for the sunshine!

  2. Hooray your power is on again!! Love the wee antelope. What a neat thing to see all the animals you do on a daily basis.

  3. Just beautiful. Yahooo for getting power !!!! Clarice

  4. How cool to be able to see a newborn baby antelope! I love seeing all your nature pictures -- you live in such a fantastic place and have such wonderful opportunities. Thanks so much for taking the time to give me wedding well wishes and comments -- they've sure meant a lot to me -- it's all been so fun and the comments are the icing on the cake! Oh, and I love your "daughter-in-love" -- I'm going to have to remember that!


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