Monday, May 26, 2008

Pressing table linens....

Today I spent the afternoon doing some pressing. This is definitely not the favorite job in my repertiore of homemaking, but the table linens are needed for service so they had to be washed and pressed. I thought that line-drying them might help a little bit with the wrinkles, but I'm not so sure it did. I needed a little stronger breeze to snap them around. Oh well, they smell wonderful.

This table cloth is fairly old. When we bought our Duncan Phyfe table in a thrift/antique store when we were married 26 years ago, these were thrown in with the purchase. They have served us well, but have been out of commision for a season.

As I ironed, I thought about the woman who owned these linens before me. Did she bring them out for special occasions like holidays and weddings? Did she dread pressing them or was it her delight to have everything just perfect for the event? Did she ever set a wedding table with them? They sure are difficult to press and to keep wrinkle free, I'll say that. But as I pressed, I did think about the table it would grace -- the head table where my daughter, the Bride and her Groom would be seated for the first time as Man and Wife. Special.


  1. This is why I love old things, the sense of history about them. They are beautiful. I save up all my ironing, get out my lavender linen spray (lavender always relaxes me), make a cup of tea, put on a yummy movie and iron away. xoxoxo Clarice

  2. That is really neat, Jody. I have been thinking about your upcoming weekend.

    I love your pictures on the side bar. I am especially drawn to the chickens! ;) (Mike started building the chicken tractor today...and it is cute!)


  3. Oh your daughter's wedding. How very special is that! Blessings on all the festivities!

  4. If those table linens could talk... Wow! Thinking of you (all) during this eXciting, special time.

  5. Ooooh, the excitement is building -- I hope the next picture of those linens will be on THE table. I love what dixymiss wrote -- If hose table linens could talk -- oh so true!

  6. Oh, love your blog..not sure how I stumbled upon it. What a lucky girl your daughter is to have you giving such thought and love to her wedding...MISSY

  7. I love the thought of these fine old linens gracing such a special event in your lives Jody. My heart feels so full for you all. It is all going to be so lovely!

    Best wishes!

  8. So beautiful! Such a lovely heritage.

  9. Jody, this is so nice! I'm excited for your family. The big day is almost here, and I know it will be special! I love that you have your original table and the linens that were given to you when you bought it.


  10. Beautiful linen Jody. You're so right about the continuum of history in these objects. They were meant to last for years and did. I suppose if they could speak they could tell the story of many generations other women's celebrations.

  11. Those are beautiful and for such a special occasion!

    Have a blessed weekend!

    smiles, kari & kijsa


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