Monday, May 12, 2008

A lovely day for ducks and pelicans...

American White Pelican

The day is supposed to deteriorate....
rain, high winds, cold and chilly....
For those of us who like to be outside, walking, birding, gardening, it's deteriorating,
but if you're a duck or a pelican, the day will be just right.

Fishing formation

Hubby was out feeding the cows this morning and called me on the 2-way radio to say that he sighted some pelicans on the stock dam. I had planned to take dig some dandelions out of the flower beds this morning before the rain and winds came, but I chose to start with a little birding instead. A prairie woman doesn't see pelicans much. I think of them as sea birds, but they do come here in small numbers to our larger reservoirs in summertime. They are so huge -- L- 50" W-110" -- and make quite an impression to a land lubber like me.

Northern Pintail

I spied this fellow out in the feed lots amongst the mud and muck. Isn't he a regal duck with his long, white neck, blue-gray suit and tails, and brown head with blue-gray bill? I had to stand and stare. Just when you think your life is ordinary -- dull, gray and boring, you spy a little gift from God in the midst, sent just for you if you will only take a moment to really look.

Click on the pictures for a better look-see.
I didn't take the better camera with me, so the photos aren't as clear as I'd like. was gray and cloudy and I took the pelican pics from a long way off.
(excuses, excuses....)


  1. What fun avian visitors you had.

  2. A little gift from God :-)
    Thanks for sharing the experience with us.

  3. I'm amazed that you have spotted pelicans on the Prairie! Very cool. Hubby and I had a walk at the beach this past Saturday and I got some photos of Cormorants and one pelican :)

  4. wow, who would have thought out were you live. I hope today is a bit sunnier for you. It is gray and rainy here. Love Clarice

  5. Wow! Who knew pelicans were SO far inland??? What an exciting morning you had -- thanks for sharing the pic with us!

  6. We live by the sea but I've never seen a pelican. They probably don't come this far north. They are a very interesting looking bird.

  7. cool visitors to your area. wanted to wish you a good weekend.
    am also having a little drawing over at my blog if you'd like to join in.

  8. Thanks for sharing the birds and scenery. The only pelicans I have ever seen have been at the ocean.
    Have a great weekend Jody, and best wishes with the wedding plans.


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