Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bee Balm...

This afternoon I decided to make the "non-petroleum jelly" recipe from Better Basics for the Home. I have made this before and decided to make a 4x batch, so I knew I had to find another tin or two to fill. I hunted down a night cream container that was kinda cute, and since I had only used a little of it (WAY to smelly for me) I started to scrape it out and wash it for the Bee Balm (that's what I've named the non-petroleum jelly because it's made with beeswax and smells a little honey-ish). As I was scraping the cream out and trying to rinse the little jar, I noticed that the cream would not break down. It didn't melt under hot water nor under Lemon Ajax dishwashing soap. It just sat there and refused to melt or go away. I tried and tried to wash out the sink, but the best I could do was to take paper towels to it and wipe it out and then wash with boiling hot water from the kettle. Even the boiling water didn't melt it. WHAT IS THIS STUFF MADE OF? And all the while I'm sneezing (oh the smell!). Then I got to thinking, "Why did I ever put this gunk on my face?"

In the end, I filled a 1 c. wide-mouth canning jar, an empty shea butter container I had, a cute tin that I received from a friend from England, a carmex lip balm tin, and this silly Dove Night Cream jar. Next time.....I'm looking for some pretty tins to fill and to heck with trying to save a night cream jar.  Ahh Choooo! (I still smell that stuff on my hands)

Here's the recipe:

Non-Petroleum Jelly
(aka: Bee Balm)
2 oz. olive oil(more oil makes it less thick)
1/2 oz. beeswax
12 drops grapefruit seed extract
Combine oil and beeswax in a heavy pyrex measuring cup and microwave 30 seconds at a time until melted. Be careful, the pyrex can get very hot so use a pot holder to handle the glass cup. Add grapefruit seed extract (preservative and antibacterial) and mix with a hand mixer until creamy.
Makes 1/4 cup.

Note: I use the microwave to melt the beeswax/oil together, but Annie calls for a double boiler. I also add a little more olive oil and a few vitamin E capsules to the mix because I didn't have the grapefruit seed extract. We love the stuff for chapped hands, lips and dry feet/heels. It's a nice balm for summertime bare feet.

One more recommendation from Annie....Aloe Vera Gel (the stuff you buy to put on sunburned skin). Get the 100% aloe gel. The author recommends it for skin moisturizer. She even says it will remove your brown age spots if you use it diligently for 3 to 4 months. I'm game! I love the feeling of moisture with no greasy feel.  It makes a good moisturizer for teens with especially oily skin.

I highly recommend this book! My daughter-in-love shared hers with me and now I simply must buy my own book. You'll find lots of recipes for home cleaners, skin care products for adult and babies, lawn & garden, natural insect repellents, laundry products and much more. The recipes are "all natural" and easy to make.


  1. Okay I am going to check out this book. Great tips. Funny I am working on a tips post too. But I will not be posting it for a week. Clarice

  2. This sounds great. I think I need to look for this book!
    Your blog is such a great source of information on so many different topics!

  3. I love making homemade products like this. Thank you so much for sharing the book and the recipe.

  4. I am browsing your blog tonight and I am so glad that I am ..this book is on my list..


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