Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wildflowers in winter..........wildflower poster envy.....

As I was clicking around to the bloggers who are participating in Wildflowers in Winter, I found Barb at from The Heart of Harmony who shared her Sierra Nevada wildflower posters which were beautifully framed and displayed for her family's enjoyement and use. I thought she had such a wonderful idea, especially for those of us who are nature enthusiasts, that I had to borrow her idea (aka: wildflower poster envy). I have been scouring the web and the state parks websites trying to find wildflower posters that depict my northern prairie, but to no avail until today! The Iowa Living Roadway Trust Fund has some beautiful FREE posters that they are giving away to those who will use them for education -- that's sweet singing in the ears of a home schooling mom like me! Although I don't live in Iowa, I know that its prairie wildflowers are very similar to mine. The posters are not only scientifically well-done, but artistically as well. The order form for these posters is not yet available, but will be soon, however, persistant as I am, I clicked "contact" and emailed them my request. We'll see what happens.


  1. Uh oh, I've got poster envy too. I found some $10 ones for my area, but I'd like some free ones for educational purposes ones! They look lovely!

  2. Posters can certainly be beautiful enough to hang in a home! I'll keep checking that site too. I've been enjoying your wildflower posts.

  3. Those are lovely posters and a great idea to have on the wall for reference.

  4. What gorgeous posters! I'm sure your persistance will pay off.

  5. The posters are lovely, and a great addition to Wildflowers in Winter. :) I'd like to have a few myself!

  6. Now I wonder if they have Maritime wildflower posters? It would look so lovely framed.

    Thanks for your sweet words Jody.


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