Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wildflowers In Winter -- Stitched creations......

Wildflowers in Winter, week 5, asks us to share stitched wildflowers.....creations made with favorite textiles: fabric, yarn, thread. I chose..........

Flower pounding.

It sounds like such a cruel thing to do to an innocent posy.
Why would anyone do such a thing?

Here's why........

A dear friend, who knew my love of nature and flowers, introduced me to a book called The Art And Craft of Pounding Flowers by Laura C. Martin. Just think of the possibilities: wall quilts, pillows, silk ties, wool scarves, silk blouses, widow valances, lamp shades, flower tiles, flower fairy books -- all beautifully made by pounding flowers. You'll find all of these projects and more in this excellent book. This little piece (above) was pounded 2 years ago at the picnic table in my backyard. I smashed sunflowers, larkspur and geraniums into this piece of treated muslin. It's still waiting for some finishing touches.

This piece I pounded while in California with my friend, J. One of the flowers was Mexican Heather and there were some vari-colored Coleus, and some other flowers that I was not familiar with. During this time I was trying out some new embroidery stitches and I had lots of fun outlining and interpreting the leaves and flowers with needle and floss. These flowers hang in our bedroom on my side of the bed. I love waking up to them each morning.
(click photos to enlarge them)


  1. These are just beautiful! I want to do some embroidery too. The pounding I will keep in mind when spring gets here!

  2. How fun to see this Jody, it turned out beautiful. Clarice

  3. I pounded once, but I didn't like the results. The edges weren't clear. I think using embroidery on the edges would have been just the thing. I want to do it again. I really like both of your pieces. The first one is so clear and nice.

  4. I have never seen this done before....looks like something we would like to do at our house.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  5. This is a new technique for me. Your two pieces have lovely subtle tones. The idea of outlining the pounded flowers with embroidery stitches is great.
    Thanks for stopping by and for commenting.
    Carrie @ Oak Rise Cottage

  6. Oh my those are beautiful creations. The stitching around the completed one is wonderful. You are a talented lady...

  7. Hi Jody!

    I have that book! Just haven't tried it yet.

    hmmmm... new project?

    Kim :-D

  8. I have never heard of flower pounding. The results are beautiful --- I love your work! Simply amazing and something new for me to try when spring comes! Thank you for sharing!


  9. Wow! That makes me want to go out and pound some flowers! Beautiful!

  10. I've not heard of pounding flowers before, what a fun idea. Okay, I do agree it sounds a trifle mean to be pounding the heck out of innocent flowers but it really does look like a glorious celebration of their loveliness when you're done. Embroidering the details is such a lovely way to finish the effort.


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