Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Red velvet cupcakes.....

.....with cream cheese frosting.......
Come 'n' get it!

Elise at Simply Recipes featured this lovely cupcake recipe and I just couldn't resist trying it out.

I made a few changes (I know, but I can't help it!).....

*doubled the cocoa
*added almond extract and the originally prescribed vanilla extract to both the cupcakes and frosting
*baked them for only 16 minutes

I used a ziplock sandwich bag (clip a corner with scissors) to pipe the frosting in a swirl.
This method works great for squirting some in your mouth OR for
squirting a blob on each bite you take! Ah yesssssss!

These should make a pretty plate for the Valentine's Day Tea Party next week too, dontcha think?

Thanks Elise!


  1. well doubling the chocolate is always a good idea ;-) xoxoxox Clarice

  2. I haven't had red velvet cake in ages. Those are to die for!! I will have to make them too and use your changes!

  3. Red velvet cake is my weakness... 10 more pounds and I just might!

  4. Jody, your banner is beautiful! I love the owl!

    And the cupcakes look really yummy, too. I don't know if I have ever had red velvet anything. I wonder where the idea for that kind of cake originally came from? And I had no idea red velvet had cocoa in it! I am always learning something new from you, Jody. Oh, and ... Welcome home!

  5. Clarice,
    I agree that doubling the cocoa is ALWAYS a good idea!

    Diana, I hope you enjoy these pretty little cupcakes too.

    Sandi, best wishes on your 10!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my banner. I don't know where the red velvet cake idea came from, but I do know it's southern. My DIL's great gram makes this and she's from Texas!


  6. Perfect for a Valentine's Tea Party - top them with those little red cinnamon hearts or, even better, a little chocolate heart! Yum!


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