Sunday, March 02, 2008

Wildflowers in winter.....

Virginia Bluebell By Joseph
Today's post for the series Wildflowers in Winter , Elizabeth Joy asks us to share our children's wildflower art. My children have kept nature journals all their lives, but as I paged through them today, I notice far more birds and animals than wildflowers. We always had contests in spring and summer to identify the first wildflowers as they blossomed in the pastures, but I guess the kids didn't choose to draw them. My 4 sons preferred drawing cars and rockets and barns more than flowers, but I did manage to find a wildflower sample for each one. My daughter, on the other hand, loved to draw flowers and birds and butterflies. Isn't that how it goes? I hope you'll enjoy these clips from my children's old nature journals. It's Art to me!

Sagebrush Buttercup By Adam

Sunflowers By Grace

Love in a Mist By John

Sunflowers By Seth


  1. How fun to see eXcerpts from your kids' nature journals. So glad you shared these piX. You inspire me!

  2. My first visit to your spot and I am loving it!!!! Your children's drawings are so wonderful....Smiles

  3. Wow! Lovely art from your children's nature journals. They did an excellent job! I think you need to take some of them from their journals and frame them for your walls!


  4. Your children did a great job, all of them. It was nice to see their beautiful artwork. I hope they continue!

  5. How wonderful, Charlotte Mason would approve !!!! Clarice

  6. Great job! And you're fortunate to have those budding artists right there! :-)

  7. Thanks everybody for your sweet comments. Three of my kids have "flown the nest" and two are teenagers who still do a little nature journaling, but not as much as the "good ol' days."

    We tried to do nature journaling once a week on Fridays and we have books and books of pages to reminisce over now. With that I say, "Keep encouraging your Littles to observe nature and keep little records when they can."


  8. Wonderful pictures ... winners for sure.

  9. Those are great and the guys did pretty good!!! I have Virginia Bluebells in my garden! They are starting to come up now.

  10. You have a talented and observant group of children! Thanks for sharing their artwork.

  11. Oh I love the artwork your children created. How fun to be able to find these for week 7! Wonderful...


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