Sunday, February 03, 2008

O the green things growing.....

Wildflowers in winter.... stories or poetry about wildflowers.

This time of year I get a little restless and wish for something green and flowering. There's nothing outdoors now but brown grass and a few drifts of snow here and there and it's far too cold for anything but lichens to be growing.

So to fulfill a desire for something green and flowery, I went to my local Stuff Mart and bought a couple boxes of paperwhite bulbs and planted them into terra cotta. Is there anything so wonderful as a bloom in February.....even if it is indoors? I should plant another batch to be in bloom for Easter!

Another way you might want to enjoy a little nature amidst the winter is to grab a good book. Gene Stratton-Porter is one of my all-time favorite authors. Not only is she an excellent story-teller, but she vividly and deliberately flavors her books with her love of wildflowers, birds, and anything-nature. If you're a nature lover like me, you'll fall in love with this author.

O the green things growing,
the green things growing,
The faint sweet smell of the green things growing!
~Dinah Mulock Craik


  1. Your flowers to bring some spring to your home are beautiful and the book looks very interesting. have you read any Elizabeth Goudge, she seems to always include gardens, fields, wildflowers etc in her books...

  2. Yes, flowers are just what we need to hold us over to spring. I have some tulips, in pots, that are up about an inch, and I am waiting (not) so patiently :)
    I've read Gene Stratton Porter, but not The Harvester ~ will have to check it out.


  3. Paperwhites are always beautiful, most though at this time of the year :-)

  4. Your paper whites are gorgeous! I enjoy Gene Stratton Porter but haven't read that particular book.

  5. I love these flowers. We have some that grow at the side of our home. They always greet us in the early spring. Gene Stratton-Porter, the girl from Limberlost, made her home just down the road about 100 miles or so. Maybe I will have to visit this year.

  6. Ellen B.,
    Yes, I have read Elizabeth Goudge and would like to read more of hers. I loved "The Scent of Water."

    I would LOVE to visit GSP's home. You should go and take it all in for me!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by. I enjoy your comments very much.


  7. This is a hard time of year. I am blessed to be surrounded by lots of green, but no sun. It is soo gray and even though I love gray, I miss the sun this time of year. I have not read the Harvester. I know my mother has it. I will add it to my list. I wonder if Lobvox has it to listen to. Love Clarice-who is soo busy with her hands, she needs to listen to books !!!

  8. Aah, the eager anticipation of Spring. I echo Clarice's sentiments eXactly. ThanX for the great tip. Can't wait to try it! I just posted piX of our attempt at Rainy Day rX (but I like yours better). So pretty!

    Loved Limberlost & Laddie, but haven't read Harvester. Another great suggestion ~ thanX!

  9. Hi Jody,

    Your paperwhites are very pretty, and look especially so against that old wood. I have a white hyacinth blooming right now, and it has scented the whole house.

    Thank you for this book recommendation. It sounds like one that I will enjoy.

    Take care.


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