Sunday, September 30, 2012

One moment in a day...

George Faulkner Wetherbee (American-born artist, 1851–1920)
 The Harvest is past - The Summer is Ended

There is always one moment in a day when I think my heart will break.  Such a moment I think all women have, and men too, when all the meaning of life seems distilled and caught up and you feel you can never, never, bear to leave it.  It may be when you turn and look down a blazing autumn road or it may be when you see your house under great ancient trees or it may be, in the city, when you look up at a towering apartment building and see one light and think "that is mine."  It may be any one of a number of things, according to the circumstances of your life.  

But there is the moment, and all the heartaches and sorrows of your life suddenly diminish and only the fine brave things stand out.  You breathe sharp clean air, your eyes lift to the eternal wideness of the sky.

Anybody has moments like this to store up, but some people are too busy adding up their frustrations to appreciate them.  And yet all we need is an awareness of the beauty in life to make us richly content.  My definition of happiness is just the ability to garner the perfect moments.
~Gladys Taber, Stillmeadow Daybook

My moments:
Last night the Littles and I looked at the great, big moon together -- not quite full, but almost. 
Peach and I saw a long legged Blue Heron fly up from the pond near our house.  Wow.
Toodles sings the Swing Song by herself.


  1. Such beautiful thoughts! I've had many such moments myself - life is a precious gift! Thanks for sharing that excerpt with us Jody. I think I need to buy me a Stillmeadow book!!

  2. Lovely! GT said so many things, so well.
    Lizzy is healing well! She is nursing and pooping. WE are all so thankful!
    Thank you for your prayers, dear Jody.

  3. Inspired and taught by you, I worked out a swinging song using the tune of the entire hymn; we adapted it as needed for times we were swinging at the park and not in a tree swing. Thanks again!

    That pumpkin is gorgeous - will you make pie?

  4. I have never read any Gladys Tabor, nor even seen one of her books, but you are the second place I've seen her recommended, and that is a wonderful quote. Some of my moments this summer were watching the hawks grow, listening to the owls talk to each other at night outside my window, feeling the wind on my face.

  5. So well said...I LOVE this!!


  6. Sweet moments to share...

  7. Oh, what a beautiful post Jody. I LOVE it -- and oh, so true. I have those moments a lot lately as I sit with my parents and visit. I'm so acutely aware that time is short these days and it's so sad. This weekend we sad surrounded by gorgeous turning leaves. {SIGH}

  8. Just beautiful. I love this so much. You captured the fall for me.
    I love the painting.
    I love how you describe the moon, the littles and the heron rising. Just a wonderful thought.

  9. I feel this way just walking into my living/dining room in the morning when the sun is streaming in and spotting my husband working, or when I sit on my back porch watching the ducks eat, or when I drive the back road to the stables and pass horses, barns and a windmill, and then catch a glimpse of my manure covered girl, or when I hear my kids "discussing" or laughing about something...

  10. I haven't read Gladys Taber for a decade and you have reminded me how much I loved her books! I'll have to revisit them. The thoughts expressed in this post also make me think of Ann Voscamp's book, _One Thousand Gift_. Have you read it?

  11. Kathie,
    You DO need to by yourself a Stillmeadow book.

    Pom Pom,
    Yes, GT says so many, many things well. So happy that lil Lizzy is doing well.

    Gretchen Joanna,
    I love hearing that you are making your own swing songs for your own Littles. Pie? Maybe!

    I love listening to the owls hooting to each other at night.

    Sometimes visiting with our parents makes us realize that nothing lasts forever and we must enjoy the moments today.

    Farm Girl,

    Wayside Wanderer,
    So many, many things to be thankful for.

    I have been slowly reading through One Thousand Gifts. I nibble on it and set it aside to think about. I hope you pick up a GT book soon. I could read and re-read her books continuously.


  12. Just had to say that I love this, too. And I have read Stillmeadow Daybook.


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