Sunday, September 09, 2012

Views of a dry prairie...

As you know, we've been out fencing out on the dusty range.  My dad came out to help us for a day and a half which was nice.  I hoped he didn't overdo it.  Fencing is something that takes a little "working into" before you don't feel every ache and pain in your back, legs, and hands.  Today we took a day of rest, but in the afternoon the fellas and I went back out there and moved our machinery and supplies to another spot where we will begin to tear out another fence and build new tomorrow.  The cows were out grazing and decided to move to somewhere quieter as we buzzed by them.

 Here's what the ground is like after we've tramped over it time and time again with tractors, Rangers, and feet.  The stuff is just like talcum powder and sticks to everything like talcum powder too.  It's really not a sandal kind of place, that's for sure, but when I had my sandals on today, I thought about how dirty the feet of Jesus and His disciples must have been day after day, walking the parched and dusty roadways of Israel.

The pastures are covered with funnel spider webs that blanket the ground.  The webs are about a foot square and spiral down into a hole in the ground.  What I like about this picture is not just the web, but also the cracked ground, the gold-colored rock, the cactus, and the light green lichens that are on the ground too.  I was focusing on the web, but after I studied the picture further, I saw so much more.  Isn't that like life?  We focus so closely on the thing that demands our attention, but there's always more.....if we look around.  Look at dirt.  Dirt became man.

Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.  ~Genesis 2:7


  1. Oh Jody, I hope you are making some good progress on your fencing. I loved your thoughts on Jesus and his feet, especially right now. Our third Daughter is living and studying at a university center just 1/2 mile from the Dome of the Rock in East Jerusalem. She is having a great experience, one that will surely make a huge mark on her life. We are feeling a bit nervous and afraid for her because of the political situation but we just have to have faith that she will be ok. I don't much like that my children are now adults :)

  2. Seeing your photos of the land from the perspective of vastness and closeness my thoughts were how amazing that God knows the big picture as well as the minutest detail of His world and our lives. He cares for us as a Father. I hope that the fencing is going well, Jody.

  3. What a thought-provoking post, thank you. xx

  4. Oh, all that hard work, Jody! You guys are amazing.
    To dust we shall return. Great connection.
    Praying for your muscles, friend.

  5. I think you have hit the nail on the head with your last paragraph. Outstanding.

    I hope that you are moving along smoothly with fencing. What a task---and in that dust, too.

    That fire would of been horrible, frightening, and almost too much for my mind---something I would never wish upon anyone. It was interesting though, we had a family gathering on Saturday and the guy's were talking about natural fires and particularly our range out west in the foothills---how it would take care of dead fall, all these things and be better for grass, trees and other plants in the long run and now we rush to put the fires out. One cousin was saying way back when the natives were here, this land used to be a lot of fire. The natives were always burning pasture as a means to produce better grass etc. I don't know---but I'm praying for you that your grass will come back ten fold next year.

    Your cattle look great. Home is always best.

  6. Great thoughts to read here this morning Jody! Thanks for sharing...

  7. Very nice comparisons. I like the one about your feet. Seeing your feet in the sandals and then thinking about Jesus and his disciples feet it just really get s my attention. I guess from your photos even dry, the prairie has its own natural beauty that the more you look at it the deeper the beauty becomes.

  8. Loved this post. Praying for rain always!


  9. Wonderful post, Jody! You all work so hard. I like the thought about the dirt on Jesus and the Disciples' feet. Good to think of them walking and to imagine walking behind them.


  10. Girl, you are one hard working woman. Do you come home and soak in the bath? Is it always this dry? Are you enjoying some cooler temperatures? I hope so.

  11. I can hear the grass crackle under my feet.

  12. You're a brave woman to wear Birkies in the pasture!


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