Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall leaves bring joy...

What is it about fall leaves?
The colored confetti falling from the sky, the earthy smell,
the crunch, raking into piles, cool days.

 When I was a girl, my dad and I used to rake piles of leaves and then burn them in the back alley.  It was a graveled road type of back alley.  I loved the smell of the burning leaves and Dad's pipe.  
You can't do that nowadays.  
Dad had a "magic spell" he used to say when he did his disappearing tricks for us.  
It reminds me of fall.
Hocus pokus
Jiminy okus
tin cans in the back alley
(I wonder where the "tin cans in the back alley" part came from?)

The Littles love to rake up piles of leaves and jump in,

or throw them in the air and let them fall again.

Look at the moss roses.  They're getting their second wind!
For the record:
We pregnancy tested 342 head of cows today and weaning the calves.
Two Sons came home to help out.
We are expecting 5 sets of twins out of the cows.
It's 84 degrees.

I've been in the kitchen fixing the lunch which is:
 Roast Beef & Gravy
Baked garden potatoes
Garden carrots and Tomatoes
Grape Salad
Homemade buns
Pumpkin Something for dessert (like pie)

Happy Fall!


  1. Sounds like a very busy day on your Prairie! Oh now you have me hungry for a good lunch! Love your fall photos.

  2. I am sitting on the porch, sipping a glass of wine, and listening to the music from the autumn leaves. All is right with the world. Love the photos, especially the little ones.

  3. Wow, I was really surprised to see the fall leaves so soon. That is probably my Texan talking. The ponytail & hair fountain are so cute and H's hair is such a pretty color. They are looking so big. Have a piece a pie for me!

  4. Sounds like lovely weather, good hard work, and a sumptuous lunch!

  5. Wow that is so great, lovely, lovely fall pictures. Your dinner sounds wonderful.

  6. I love your moss roses -- mine shriveled away this summer, and I don't know that they'll come back -- and your beautiful header photo! Happy fall to you!

  7. Lovely pictures! I also love fall, with the colors, fall foods, fresh pumpkins, all the things fall brings. I have wondered lately how your potato experiment turned out this year, with planting under straw. Did you get a good harvest?

  8. Hi Jody!

    Your home is just beautiful and your Moss Roses look sooo lovely! The pictures of your grand babies raking are precious. I bet yo feel so very lucky to have all of that time with them...and I know they are blessed to have you:).

    Happy Fall....your menu sounds delish:).


  9. Anon.,
    The potato experiment was very successful! We've dug up a few spuds so far, but I hate to dig up more than we need at a time....unless it starts to snow and then I'll have to dig them all in earnest.


  10. Oh, wow! Your bigger little is getting so...big! Both seriously adorable.milyrei


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