Friday, January 13, 2012

What's old is new again....

I was watching The Gaither's a couple Saturdays ago.  They were honoring Billy Graham by having a Homecoming at the Billy Graham Library.  The music, as always, was terrific.  I didn't see the entire program, but there was a little clip -- an interview with Billy Graham -- that stuck in my mind.  He was sitting by the fireplace in his home and Gloria Gaither was visiting with him about Ruth -- the love of his life and someone I admired greatly.  As beautiful picture after beautiful picture of Ruth and their family clicked across the screen, there was something Bill said that caught my attention.  He said that Ruth had many Bibles that she marked up,  and she read many different versions of the Bible.  I thought to myself, "I've only really ever read one particular version of the Bible (NAS), with the exception of The Way, which I first began to read when I was 13 years old."
I had decided right then that I wanted to go back to that version or a similar version and begin to read the Bible with fresh eyes.  A few days ago I ordered The Message//Remix (The Bible in Contemporary Language).  Today, it came in the mail and I immediately sat down to read a familiar passage, one that my daughter asked me about just the day before -- Proverbs 3.

Good friend, don't forget all I've taught you, take to heart my commands.  They'll help you live a long, long time, a long life lived full and well.  Don't lose your grip on Love and Loyalty.  Tie them around your neck; carve their initials on your heart.  Earn a reputation for living well in God's eyes and the eyes of the people.  Trust God from the bottom of your heart, don't try to figure out everything on your own.  Listen for God's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go, he's the one who will keep you on track.  Don't assume that you know it all.  Run to God!  Run from evil!  Your body will glow with health, your very bones will vibrate with life!  ~Proverbs 3:1-12
After reading through the chapter, I read further.  And further.  I was listening to a  familiar story, but it was not the same person who always tells it.  Someone else was narrating it with his especial voice -- fresh and invigorating,  yet gentle and sincere, honest and truthful, full of hope and understanding.  I felt like the narrator could be one of my own grown-up kids telling me back the story that is written in his heart.  I like thinking of it that way.

I'm excited about my new Bible.  I plan to mark it up and make it my own, just like my old tattered Bible.  I figure I'll flip back and forth between the new Bible and the old one to compare and to ponder.  I'm reading with great expectation.  I wonder if Ruth ever read The Message?


  1. Oh Jody the joy of an open mind is a wonderful thing! I myself do not limit myself to one version of the Bible I have many that I consult to give me a more rounded answer to thoughts that I have along with God's guidance. I always ask for his guidance before I read his books so that I get the message he is trying to teach me.
    I am excited for you! May God give you the message you seek!

  2. Oh, fun! I love marking up my Bibles, too. Remember Reach Out? The New Testament only? My mom marked up Good News for Modern Man. I like The Message. You are going to have a ball and you can tumble the Truth around in your mind when you are walking on the ranch. Doodle and use stickers, too. You need some new colored pencils. GREAT post, Jody!

  3. I had that same copy of The Way--how funny!

    I love The Message. I'm taking a Bible study class right now and am mostly using the NIV Study Bible, but sometimes, especially when I start dragging, I pick up The Message and read from that. Are you familiar with Eugene Peterson's books? I'm reading his biography right now (it's called Pastor), which is marvelous.

    Have a great weekend!


  4. I like The Message too, but generally stick to the New International Version [my NIV study Bible is falling to bits I use it so much]. But I am middle-aged, so all my memorised Bible verses are from the good old Kings James Version.

    btw , have you read the great biography of Ruth Graham written by PD Cornwell, the thriller writer? PDC's mum lived near the Grahams, and literally dumped the child on their doorstep. It was Ruth who encouraged her to go to college and pursue a writing career.

    Thanks for a lovely post- blessings xx

  5. Mary,
    I have many renditions of the Bible at home too, but I always fall back to my tattered NAS version. I'm excited for a fresh look at God's Word to me.

    Pom Pom, I've already begun to write and doodle in my new Word. I think I'll have to get me some new colored pencils, yes! I do not know 'Reach Out' New Testament.

    I am so excited to know about E. Peterson's books. I will definitely look up The Pastor and others. This will be my first time at reading his work.

    My NAS Bible is battered and tattered too -- my "go to" Bible, but I am very encouraged about reading The Message. All my Bible verses are memorized in NAS.

    I have not read PD Cornwell's bio on Ruth G. I would love it, I'm sure. I'll be looking for it. Thank you for the recommendation.

    Thank you all for your encouragement!


  6. Elisabeth Elliot, one of my favorite women of faith, quotes from E. Peterson's paraphrase a lot in her devos which makes me want to get one. I keep looking at them but haven't bought one yet, probably because I know it will be awhile before I can read it.

    My favorite right now is an ESV that I use for my Bible study.

    Happy Saturday!

  7. I've seen blogs that have quoted Scripture from The Message, and they are always wonderful. I go from NAS to Living.

  8. We have the Message, not the Remix :o), but I'm sure they're pretty similar. I enjoy reading from it. It really gives you a modern day feel for God's Word. Enjoy!!


  9. Just had to comment!

    I'd forgotten about The Way. I used that Bible as a teenager, too!

  10. Oh my, I remember having that version many many moons ago -- don't know what happened to it. Lately, I've been using the Women's Devotional Bible -- which I like -- a devotional and bible all in one ;).


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