Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A January walk....

 HP is fascinated with ice.  She remembers "The River" (as she calls the pond by our house) in its liquid state with leaves and sticks floating on top and frogs and turtles on the bank.  And now it's frozen and still.  She wants to ice skate, but it's just not thick enough ice yet.  Since it's been warm during the day and cold at night, the pond is freezing and thawing and the ice is becoming less and less desirable for skating, but much more interesting to look at.  I took these pictures of the ice where we were walking today.  Isn't it pretty with the willow leaves embedded in it?

 I showed HP the water bubbles just under the surface of the ice.  This is why we cannot skate yet.

 I took a walk by myself out in the pasture yesterday and traipsed way down to the old shearing pens which was once a place of  hard work where the Mexican shearing crews made camp and sheared 1000 sheep or more every spring.  Now the shed is falling in and broken down beyond repair.  I found a shard of crockery there and thought about the cooker-ladies of the camp.  I wondered if there were beans in that crock or cooked, shredded lamb.  Did she accidentally break it and lose the contents?  Or did it already have a crack in it and she was just using it up until it was worthless and then left it behind? 

The rock was found along the trail.  It's a type of fossil from our gravel pile.  I'm fascinated by the whole that went all the way through it.  The piece of wood was likely a fence post once upon a time.  I love the deep grooves in it.

Every walk brings me home to the barnyard where Fluffly is always looking for a handout, a scratch behind the ears or a good petting.  He's quite photogenic, isn't he?  Walks are very therapeutic to me and always have been.  I like being able to think my own thoughts, to look closely at the landscape or the sky or a fence line.  I am forever dragging something home -- rocks, feathers, an old piece of iron or a missing gas cap from the tractor.  It's invigorating to walk against the wind and then to turn around to go home and walk with the wind and into the sun, unzipping my coat to cool down.  It makes me feel alive and part of the land that I live on to be "out there" and appreciating its beauty and its ruggedness.  God is there.  I'm never alone.


  1. G'day Gumbo Lily. Lovely post. Great photos. Fluffy is just gorgeous. Take care. Liz...

  2. I love your thought-provoking posts...such a good way for me to start my day! :)

  3. Oh, your walks sound inspiring. It must be fun to hunt for things. Fluffy IS photogenic! I had a dream about a cat and a kitten last night. Why don't the shearers come anymore? Or do they? How many sheep do you have now?
    I hope you have a warm and peaceful day, Jody.

  4. Beautiful photos. The light and shadow of a winter sun almost makes those objects look warm. I love the water bubbles. I long to walk, but even our winter here in NC is too cold for me to be outside. I love winter from the vantage point of INSIDE :) May your walks continue to inspire you.

  5. That's a perfect name for Fluffy! A walk with eyes open to see is such a good thing...

  6. Oh I love this...I am not alone in my wanderings....

  7. Loved this post Jody. And there is such beauty along the road of life if we just look. Thanks for sharing your treasures. Do you get snow. We are so dry, I am watering the front bed. I hope it snows soon. I'd like to have water this summer.

  8. You are making me feel cold, and I love it! Thanks for sharing about your beautiful stroll :-)

  9. I walk almost every day, too, and my walks always start into the wind. Some mornings I almost give up, but I'm always happy on the way home with the wind to my back. Today I bought a a pair of earmuffs for my walks--fake fur!


  10. Fluffy should be in the kitty commercials, he is so cute:). Love this post...I walk our field most days, too. You previous post on contentment is so good. What a beautiful reminder of where our hearts should be!

    Have a wonderful day Jody!!


  11. Such a lovely wandering J! I've just got to reboot and get my sad chubby self out there again asap.

  12. enjoyed going on your walk with you. thank you for sharing.
    the ice holds the autumns secrets as well as bits of leafery . . . and the textures of the fence post are almost touchable.
    speaking of touchable, fluffy looks super soft.

    i've been enjoying an almost daily walk too and it really is becoming habit forming. River thinks so too.


  13. I live in a place where things hardly ever freeze, so I enjoyed your walk and pictures!

  14. I feel like I went on that walk with you. I would walk more too if I didn't have to walk down a crazy busy road -- especially with the beautiful sunny days that we've been having. What neat and interesting finds!



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