Thursday, January 12, 2012

BBQ sliders.....

I found a dandy recipe over at Pioneer Woman Cooks.  Hers are Whiskey BBQ Sliders, but mine are just plain ol' BBQ Sliders (without the party!).  You MUST make these for every burger-loving man, woman, and child in your life.  They will think you are the bee's knees!  (You are!)  I thew in some oven fries alongside the burgers and I'll just was better than eating out!

I learned a little trick to crispier oven fries -- you want to pre-cook your spuds.  I baked mine in the microwave until they were al dente -- firm, not mushy.  Let them cool down, then slice into wedges.  Drizzle a little olive oil over them, and season the way you like 'em, and bake at 425* until crispy (around 20-30 min).



  1. My daughter fixed those and thought they were so yummy. They looks so good. So do the fries.
    It will be something I need to try.

  2. They look yummy! Went to her site and printed off the recipe...looks yummy!

  3. Oh gosh, that looks good! Got to try this as soon as I lose 5 lbs. ;).

  4. Thanks for the oven fries tip - mine are good but mushy - hoping I can get crispy effect! And they're on my diet plan :)

  5. Looks very satisfying, especially with the fries!

  6. These look delish! Honestly though, do you think I could enjoy these without the jalapenos? I've become an occasional Maalox Mama and those peppers would send me there, I think.


  7. Plain Ol'....I've made the burgers with and without the jalapenos. It's good, good, good either way!


  8. Thanks for the tip about crispy fries!

  9. Oh my! This looks scrum-dilly-ump-tious! I will be craving this until I get it. I like the tip on the fries. Yum! (Have you had chipotle ketchup? Ohhhhhhh.....soooooooooo goooooood, especially with a thick burger and fries. Oh, and goat cheese. Have you put that on a burger? It is a new-to-me thing to do and it is to die for!)

  10. One word: YUM!!



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