Monday, January 16, 2012

Two new Loveys....

These are just so much fun to make and today's lil Loveys have tags.  (You know how babies love to chew on tags.)  Well, I thought I'd add my own tags for these fellas.  I found a tiny set of rubber stamps in my stash along with some twill tape I saved from a set of sheets.  I marked the rubber stamps with a Sharpie hoping to make "LOVEY" stay put through washings.  And if it doesn't.... oh well!  Both boys were made from patterns by Wee Wonderfuls, however, I did a little improvising and put a football helmet in Tim's hands and wrote my favorite football team's name across his shirt.

Betsy Cupcake will get the Tim Tebow lovey (her mommy and daddy are big fans) and The Blankie Boy lovey will go to a young friend who is going to have a baby soon.  There's a baby shower coming up so I'm in my workshop getting a few things sewn for her and the wee one.  Fun!  (thanks for letting me share)

It's snowing here today!  (just a light dusting so far)  An Arctic front is pushing down from the North and we're in for a Deep Freeze.  Single digits and sub-zero wind chills.  Living on the prairie has its disadvantages -- wind and wind chill.  The wood stove is burning steadily.  Time to put another log on the fire.  (remember that old song?)


  1. Those are so cute...and Yeah for Tim! I am not a football fan...or I guess I should say I wasn't a football fan until Tim! This young man inspires me and is such a wonderfull role model for us all.

    Stay warm up there, we are having a wind event here..yuck.


  2. You are so the lovey's! Yes it is CCCCOOOOLLLLDDDD!

  3. I like Tim Tebow, too...he is a wonderful role model:). Your lovies are so darling! You are so talented and I always love to see what you are up to!

    Stay warm and cozy over there!


  4. Those are adorable Jody! You did a great job with the football helmet! Stay Warm!

  5. G'day Gumbo Lily. They are just lovely.We are in the height of summer here in Australia and even though we have had some really cool days lately, it seems that the heat has asserted itself once again. It's in the high 30's here in my area of Victoria. It is mean't to continue now for the rest of the week and through to next week as well.You are rugging up in your part of the world and we are wearing as little as possible.It's a wonderful world, isn't it.Take care. Keep warm. Liz...

  6. Brilliant! The Tim Tebow lovey is super cute!
    You are so talented with that needle, Jody!
    Back from Phoenix. It was nice! Not as nice as home, though!

  7. Love both of these! Glad you have wood to throw on the fire. Brrr...they are predicting an epic snow fall for the Seattle area on Wednesday...time will tell. You know epic would only mean about a foot but still when you live in hilly Seattle with a shortage of winter equipment it will be epic!

  8. Cuteness! Yes, it's rather baltic here too! xx

  9. Those are so sweet...lovely indeed.

  10. Love the embroidery. I think Tim Tebow is great. It's time someone really stepped up and is a true role model. Bless him for having the courage to live his ideals.

  11. So cute Jody!

    Tim Tebow is popular around here too :)

  12. Great job on the loveys! I have been wanting to get the Wee Wonderfuls book.

    I am a new follower- Cheyenne sent me over to your blog! :)

  13. These are so sweet, Jody. How many strands of floss do you use? I like how nice and solid your stitching looks.

    It has been windy here, blowing on the house, rattling the windows, but I am trying hard not complain. (I'm not finding it an easy thing to do. :P) I'm sure it is nothing compared to your wind.

  14. They're fabulous!! And the tags? So professional. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  15. ..cook me up some bacon and some beans...

    I remember the song. Nice blog, I've just come over from CHeyenne's place :-)

  16. Oh my gosh sooo cute!!! Well done!! Clarice

  17. Your lovey's are so darling and lovable ;)!
    It's going to be in the low 80's here today ;( - we'd love some of your snow but maybe not the awful wind. Oh well, never satisfied, am I? Stay warm & cosy J!

  18. Jody! These are wonderful! I love your embroidery.

    But your song reference really made me laugh. I can't tell you how often I sing this song to myself as I'm feeding the woodstove. My stepfather used to sing it to my mother and it always made me laugh. (Yeah, I can't imagine why she's leaving....)Ha!

    Angie in WA

  19. They are so cute! The Tim Tebow one really makes me smile though. Stay warm!



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