Saturday, June 18, 2011

This and that....

The branding is all done for the year.  We finished the last of it this morning and all the cows and calves are turned out to pasture.  They will like being all on their own for awhile.
  The smelly, smokey work clothes are all washed and hanging on the line so it's time for a coffee break.
This is the way I make my afternoon coffee.
It's rich and dark.  Just the way I like it.

 The everyday bread is made and cooling.  I'm having a slice with butter and raw honey.
I like raw honey because it has all the good bee stuff in it --
pollen, wings, honeycomb and etc.

The picnic table is freshly painted and waiting for the kids to come home for a Father's Day barbecue tomorrow.  If it's nice, we'll play croquet on the lawn.

I put a matching pump on my canning jar soap dispenser.  
We finished off the Suave shampoo bottle
so I took it off this silver pump, trimmed the straw to fit and attached it.  
Make one if you want.

 I just had to show you this purple and white columbine.
I must remember to collect seeds from it to share.

The yellow iris have bloomed.
Remember the Boraxo powdered hand soap I was telling you about?
It's wonderful!
Hubs said he really likes using it and so do I.

I've been working on Betsy's quilt and I'm about to call it a CRAZY Quilt because it's driving me crazy!  My sewing machine started skipping stitches and breaking thread as I began the free-motion quilting so I took the machine apart and gave it a good cleaning.  Tried quilting again and had more of the same.  I changed the needle and had better luck, but it continued with the thread breaking and that's when I realized it had to be the spray adhesive I used to baste it together.  I looked at the can and it said "permanent."  Humph! 
I safety pinned the quilt and tossed it in the washer to see if some of that adhesive would wash out.  Most of it did, but I must still wrestle with the remains.  Lil Miss Betsy will never know how crazy her Gram has been at getting this quilt done for her.  She'll just snuggle with it and enjoy it's bright colors.

I began cutting denim circles out for J's graduation quilt.  
It'll be a circle quilt like this one.

Have a happy day.
(do you remember this from the 60's and 70's?)


  1. Where did you get the little coffee thingy? Looks like a great way to make a cup of coffee. I had forgotten about Boraxo, my dad used it to clean up at the end of the workday. He was a mechanic for Case Implements. I think my husband would like to try it, he just asked me to look for some gardening soap his was all used up. This might do the trick. Is it still sold most places?

  2. Oh such glorious busyness around your home Jody. I can almost see it and taste it and smell it and touch it.

    I have some thoughts about the thread breakage.


  3. You are busy as usual. The bread looks yummy and that Columbine is gorgeous! Enjoy Father's Day tomorrow on that newly painted picnic table!

  4. It's the bread that is so appealing to me right now...I think I'll plan to bake some again next week. I need some baking therapy.

  5. Hi Jody! The quilt's gorgeous. I'm sorry to hear of the sewing machine frustration. Leave it to you to figure out the problem, Smarty!
    Oh, I hope you have perfect weather for the Father's Day barbeque. Your honey sounds yummy! Wings in the honey? Oh well!

  6. As always, a ton of stuff going on here in GumboLilyLand Jody! What a great idea for the soap dispenser. I'm glad the branding is over for now -- maybe you can rest a little (ha!). And good luck with the quilt -- I'm sorry it's giving you so much trouble.

  7. Do you ever sleep? I love to see how many things you manage to get done.

    I used to bake bread when my girls were little and at home. I'm thinking I'll start doing it again since we're watching our sodium intake. Do you use a machine or the good old-fashioned way?

  8. Great idea for coffee! Is it ceramic or plastic? And that bread looks so delicious. I just don't think there's anything better, do you? And topped with raw honey and butter - yummm!
    Love the little soap dispenser. I'd try to make one, but the only old blue canning jars I have are the big quart size -- must look out for a smaller one like yours.

    p.s. Love the picnic table too. I saw one for sale in the front yard of a thrift shop the other day and almost stopped to get it, but it wouldn't fit in my Jeep ;(. I just might have to borrow a pick up from someone and go back for it.

  9. Hello again,
    I have been following your blog for sometime now. I just want you to know that I gave your rhubarb custard pie to my daughter. She loves it. She also has a blog and refer to you. You can visit the entry at:

    Thanks again for sharing.

  10. Beautiful quilt and admire you for even doing it. As you know I think all quilting is crazy ;-) xoxo Clarice

  11. Brenda,
    The "coffee thingy" is called a Melitta Perfect Brew Filter Cone. I have found them at fine coffee shops and online at Amazon. I found the Boraxo at my local grocery store. You might ask your grocery store to carry it.

    I do sleep, and well! I mix my bread in a Bosch mixer and do the rest by hand.

    The coffee filter cone I have is plastic, but you can buy them in porcelain too. I've also seen them done by our local pottery artists. And I agree with you, there's nothing better than homemade bread.

    I'm glad your daughter liked the rhubarb pie recipe. I'll go visit her blog next.

    Thanks everyone, for your kind comments.


  12. that jeans quilt looks pretty and functional ~ i MUST make one~!

    the previous post on branding time was interesting. i live in cattle country with lots of big ranches around but have never seen the process.


  13. What beatiful loaves of bread. And I am so covetous of your canning jar soap dispenser. I am making one!!!!


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