Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello, Summertime!

Today is the first day of Summer, the summer solstice, and the longest day of the year.  
It's also one of my most favorite of all seasons.  Why?  Here's my list.

Why I love Summer
~more sunshine
~open windows
~waking up to meadowlark songs and robin chirrups
 ~swinging from the willow tree
~more daylight hours to be outside
~bare feet and sandal feet
~it's warm, I like it hot
~I was born in the summer, a summer baby
~green things growing
~flowers...every flower is a beloved flower in the north
~fresh-mown hay
~fresh-mown grass
~sitting on a hot open-air tractor
~reading a good book in the backyard on my lawn chair
~wearing shorts & skirts
~eating out of the garden
my fresh garden lettuce with tuna salad

~homegrown tomatoes
~all the birds come home to nest
~ice cream cones served daily
~iced coffee (with a tipple of cream)
~fruit infused water, on ice
courtesy of The Kitchen

~the earthy smell after the rain
~swimming in the pond (I hope it warms up soon)
~riding horseback to summer range
~grilling almost nightly
~roasting weanies & marshmallows over the fire pit
~fresh berries and fruits
~making jam

My dad says he will make me a disc swing, like the picture at the top, for my Willow Tree.
I already have a plastic child's swing hanging in one branch, which we love, but I think the disc swing will be really fun for the littles too.

What do you love about summer?


  1. Today I ate an Oregon Blueberry ice cream cone on my way over to Kelli's! YUM! I also love the flowers and staying home. I love summer now more than ever. I bought a little green watering can shaped like a tea pot. Oh, yes. Everything summer is GOOD!
    You definitely need that swing, Jody!

  2. Oh, Jody. I hate to confess it, but the very best thing about summer to me? That when it's over, it's autumn. I adore autumn.

    Please bear in mind that I grew up in Mississippi, where summer means unbearable heat, without A/C, every green thing is dying from the heat except the kudzu, and you are melting into a little puddle on the front porch, wishing for a breeze. It must be different in Montana!!

  3. Blueberries, flip flops, iced tea, fresh salsa, watermelon, sun kissed skin, funky toe nail polish, going to the pool, and the hypnotic sleep producing sound of locusts (which I'm listening to right now). Cute and easy swing. Your grands will love that!

  4. Summertime in Seattle is wonderful. I like summer visitors and the patio finally decked out. I love 4th of July celebrations. I enjoyed your list. We have a disk type swing that we bought when grandnephew visited last summer. My adult daughter enjoyed it more than him. :0)

  5. Well, great minds think alike don't they ;)? I've been working on Mr. FC to put up a rope swing lately - hasn't happened yet but I'm hopeful. I'm also loving putting big handfuls of mint in the water pitcher -- pieces of watermelon thrown in too.
    Anyhoo, more summer favorite things are tubing in cold clear rivers, lying on quilts with my peeps in the evening watching the stars come out, peach cobbler with homemade ice cream (of course), and here in my world my very favorite thing of all is probably air conditioning ;).

  6. Happy, Happy Summer Ms. Gumbo!!! I love that it's light so much longer -- which means more time for yardwork (which might be my favorite least-favorite thing about summer ;-D).

  7. ~the smell of ripening necterines
    ~watching the garden spiders spin their lacey webs
    ~flower photography
    ~iced suntea
    ~watching the hummnigbirds in their frenzied feeding

    oh yes~!!~i love summer too~!


  8. I think you just about covered it...

  9. Great list Jody, I love the sun (when we got it, it feel like winter right now). Frozen mango rum slushy mix I keep in the freezer, toasted marshmallows and painting my toe nails a fun color, it is robin’s egg blue with pink flowers this week xoxo Clarice


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