Friday, June 10, 2011

Biscuits, Boraxo, and buckets o' posies...

 Are you a biscuit eater?  I am!  I've been thinking about biscuits with cream and apricot jam for a long time and yesterday was the day they happened!  It was drizzly and cool and I thought HP and I would have biscuits and coffee for afternoon tea.  They were even better than I imagined.  Just when others like GG at Firefily Cottage are blogging about chugging down green smoothies and keeping it healthy, I'm making biscuits.  Ah well.  I really do intend to make one of those green least I'm gonna try.

 Today we went to town to get some supplies for branding coming up next week.  We also made a grocery run and a quick stop at the local Pamida for some garden herbs.  While I was moseying down the soap aisle at my rancher-friendly grocery store, I came upon this powdered hand soap -- Boraxo.  I had never seen it before, but I definitely knew the name Borax so I read the label and decided it might make an extra-good soap to try at the mudroom sink where the dirtiest of the dirty wash up.  I took a turn at using it after planting the herbs and flowers and I liked it!  Now I'm wondering how I can make this stuff at home.  Can't be that hard, can it?  Borax and grated soap flakes, I'm thinking.  Kind of like the homemade laundry powder.  Check this out:  25 household uses for Borax.

 I've got my buckets o' posies all planted and I'm happy, happy just looking at them.  There's just something about bright red geraniums on the front porch, don't you think?

Hanging just above the geraniums is my only hanging pot of the summer.  I used to hang lots of pots and baskets around, but they dry out so quickly in our summer heat and wind that I decided against it this year.  I do like to hang this old tea kettle though, so I planted some blue lobelia in it.

I've been working at my garden beds lately and although it's been very cool and wet here, the peas, beans and zucchini are coming up and so are the radishes and lettuce.  I might even have a couple heads of Buttercrunch to pull up for a salad this weekend.  Oh, how I love me some green stuff from the garden.  No green smoothies from my lettuce.  Just salad -- at least for now.  Hubby is going to build me a garden gate to put up on my new deer-proof fence.  It's not going to be anything fancy.  Just a rustic look for a ranchwife's garden.  Simple yet cute.  I'll snap some pictures of that soon.

  Vincent van Gogh, Irissen, 1889

My flower beds have changed from the reds and yellows of tulips and daffodils to the blues and purples of iris, blue flax, alium, and purple columbine.  How did it changed over night?  Flower fairies?
More than anything, I must have flowers, always, always. 
~Claude Monet


  1. Yum! The biscuits, cream, and jam look delicious! Well done!
    Your pots are charming! My white iris have been magic this year. Now, the peonies are popping. Pictures to come!
    I was GOING to buy a few flowers today but I made the mistake of going to the fabric store (yarn, fairy timber, paint) AND the bookstore (all kinds of sixth grade novels and NO Mollie Makes). Oh well! I am so glad you shared your flowers with me today!

  2. Those biscuits look amazing! I think, that as hard as you work... you shouldn't feel even a little guilty that you picked them over a green smoothie. :) Love the flowers too. Very pretty and welcoming. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  3. Forget the green smoothie, speaks the voice of experience...yuck!

    LOVE red geraniums, as we speak I have 8 large planters full of 'em.

    Use borax alot but I've never seen this product, I'll have to keep my eyes open for it.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Those biscuits look fabulous! I'll take them over a green smoothie ANY DAY! :)

  5. Oops now you've gone and put a bee in my bonnet. I'm going to try to find me one of those blessings sign hangy thingee. Love your rustic flower arrangements!

  6. Please show us your garden and gate, when you get it done. I would love to see it. Hey, I am for biscuts anytime. I try to keep a bag full in the freezer!! I am out, so now you have me thinking. I am off to make some xoxoxo Clarice

  7. I get to be your 100th follower.I love that! I don't know why,but whenever it happens I get excited.Love your blog.

  8. I made my own bisquick mix this past week so the kids could have drop biscuits with a scrambled egg dinner. I am sticking to my diet and not eating such things, but they sure smelled good. They bathed them in butter and honey.

    Anna used the rest of the homemade mix to make the thickest bunch of pancakes I ever saw the next night. Not sure why they turned out that way.

    Love, love, love your cheery front porch decor and flowers! The splashes of red looks so festive and good.

  9. Miss Jody, I would savor a hot biscuit over a green smoothie any day!!!!

    Love the posies and the 'Blessings' sign too. The warm weather is comin' to a ranch near you.


  10. Hahaha -- I love how you went from yummy biscuits to a green smoothie and then the next picture is borax. Might not want to drink either one LOL!!!

  11. Jody, was it you who posted a recipe for ant bait made by putting borax in a sugar syrup? I evidently didn't bookmark it and now I need it!

  12. Oh my, those bisuits look like heaven! My mom used to make apricot 'preserves' in the summer - whenever she could find apricots - usually from a friends back yard tree. Makes me want to run out and plant an apricot tree ;). I just put a fake snake in our little peach tree so the birds won't eat all the peaches like last year. They're welcome to a few but must leave some for us, don't you think ;)?
    And I love your kettle filled with flowers -- what a cute idea. Our hanging baskets dry out so fast here too. Even though I line the baskets with plastic to hold the water, I still have to water them every day -- darned hot Gene Autrey country we live in ;)! Sweet little red and white chair with lovely flowers all around it too. What good ideas you have, Missy!


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