Monday, June 13, 2011

Around home and garden....


 Orange and yellow

A barrel of fun!
My new veggie garden hang out

 And a picket gate to keep out the deer and things.
(Thank you, Sweetie!)

Lettuces.  Some almost ready to pick 'n' eat.

 The veggie beds and Gramma Hazel's red tin chair

 Columbine -- pink....

 ...and purple

 Rhubarb newly transplanted is producing like crazy!  
Lots of rain helps.

 Redneck rain gauge

and Alium
Two inches of rain.  One inch Saturday night, one inch Sunday night.
More expected.
Oh, the green things growing.

O the green things growing, the green things growing,
The faint sweet smell of the green things growing!
I should like to live, whether I smile or grieve,
Just to watch the happy life of my green things growing. 


  1. Lots of pretty flowers! I love the gate and rain gauge!

  2. Lots of fun, pretty and practical happening in your gardens!!

  3. Love your blooming banner!! You're ahead of us - our spring is quite slow this year. And we're behind with the garden. So much rain. But our potatoes are up. Islanders have to have their new potatoes :)

  4. I love the tool rack! And have never seen anything like that purple columbine - wow. I think I can smell your garden.

  5. The flowers are lovely! and I just adore the rain gauge! :)

  6. I'd like to sit in Grandma Hazel's red chair! That gate that Sweetie made is awesome! Clapping for HIM!
    I agree with Gretchen Joanna, I can SMELL the garden. Yesterday, the huge watermelon in the front seat fell on the floor of the car, just missing my camera. After that happened, the car smelled so good. Watermelon peel-ish. Then I looked out and saw all the farm fields looking very green and smelled THAT, too. I miss living in a farm county. I'm so happy I can hang out with you on the prairie.

  7. Wow....the flowers are amazing!!!!

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  9. Colorful flowers, Jody! Gazanias are new to me. Great gate! That is one serious fence. You guys don't mess around! =D

  10. All of these flowers are so beautiful, some of them don`t look real, very nice. You have a great garden.

  11. Love the rain gauge! Your flower photos are just beautiful. I envy you your rhubarb. I wish you could send me some! I haven't figured out where it will grow. I keep trying different places. I think it may just be to hot and humid for it here.

  12. Gosh you garden looks so neat and tidy -- and look at that good dark soil. I'm never showing my messy patch! Our 'garden' looks like someone had a little too much to drink and just kind of wandered around plopping stuff in the ground. Probably because that's pretty much the way it happened -- & no it wasn't me or anyone related to me ;).
    Love your pretty new flowery banner too -- such gorgeous blooms!


  13. Oh thank you for sharing your garden. I love to see other people's garden, it inspires me. Your garden looks great, it makes me want to cook !! xoxo Clarice


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