Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tea experiment....

A couple of days ago, I mention that I love Masala Chai tea.  Since my Rishi Masala tin is near empty and the nearest seller of my tea is two hours away, I decided to make my own blend.  I went to my health food store which carries lots of nice herbs and spices in bulk, and bought the spices and the loose China Black Tea I wanted to make my own mix.  I was looking for whole green cardamom, but only found cardamom seeds which would have to do.  

On the plate and moving clockwise starting with the cinnamon sticks at the bottom, whole star anise, cardamom seed, dried ginger, whole cloves, peppercorn.  In the middle is the black tea.

I really had to fiddle around with amounts to put in my mason jar.  My first cup of tea was pretty good, but I think it needs more umph.  Maybe I should make my tea in small batches like this recipe:
I think with tea mixes like I'm trying to create, you don't always get a good dose of each and every spice when you scoop it into your tea ball.  More experimenting is in order through these cold days.
For a high today, 8 degrees with 20 mph winds
I went out to feed the chickens and that was all!
It's frigid.


  1. How cool! I've never heard of anyone blending their own tea. I wonder - if you crushed all those things, would you get a more even blend? Sounds yummy!

  2. You re so clever! I discovered Chai tea at about this time last year, but it still scares my tastebuds slightly!

  3. I like the way you are mixing up your own brew! Brrrrrr! Aren't you cold? Is it hard to keep the house warm?

  4. That looks like fun, Jody. You should name your own blend...maybe after your ranch. I just finished reading a book that takes place in Rwanda and the main character makes tea all the time but her tea is mostly milk. Stay warm!!!

  5. How clever to miX your own blend. The spices you've pictured look so pretty. It's eXtremely cold here too ~ temps down into the teens last night. Brrr! Our power keeps going out, so we've been sipping lots of hot coffee and cocoa near the fire, trying to stay warm.

    Best wishes and many blessings for a happy Thanksgiving!

  6. My daughter drinks a similar tea in India every morning...looks good!
    Happy Thanksgiving Jody and family!
    Stay cosy!
    Joanne in Ontario

  7. Good for you - I never thought of mixing my own tea before. I love Chai with hot milk.

    Hope you're enjoying a lovely Thanksgiving celebration!

  8. It is fun to play with teas. I have yet to make a chai, I am funny about things benig over spiced. Which is why I need to make my own!! Happy Thanksgiving xoxo Clarice

  9. With that kind of weather, sipping experimental hot teas is a good hobby to have!

  10. What a lovely idea to help warm you this winter. Hoping you find that perfect blend!


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