Thursday, November 04, 2010

Stitching wee folk....

I began this morning...
cutting a tiny shirt and jumper pattern out of wool felt.
For such a small creation, my table was covered with stuff...
 embroidery thread, scissors, chenille stems, glue,
beads, yarn, snippets and pieces, the book.
Then there was the patience.

 I used this wonderful book  called
Felt Wee Folk by Salley Mavor.
Here is her beautiful blog, Wee Folk Studio.

While balancing Hazel Peach on my knee in the morning
 I stitched while she played 
in the box of embroidery floss,
and admired every color, 
touching each one to her cheek saying, "So sof(t)."
In the afternoon I sat on the porch in the warm sunshine 
(catching some rays)
wrapping wee legs and arms.
In the evening after supper I dressed my wee girl,
made an acorn head that was supposed to be a wood bead,
(which I did not have)
and added yarn hair and a bonnet.
Here she is.


  1. Sooo cute!

    I LOVE making Wee Folk.

  2. Oh Jody shhe so sweet. You are doing a such a beauitful job xoxo Clarice

  3. Oh, she's WONDERFUL! I love her! Make more!

  4. Very cute! The red shoes are great!!! All this and with Hazel Peach, too. You are rockin' the Wee Folk!

  5. Such fun is happening there! HP is surrounded by sweet creativity from her momma and grandma! Precious times.


  6. I looked at that book at the craft store the other day! She is adorable! Did you find the directions easy to follow? The only worry I have is all the painting detail in the faces. Im not too good with tiny painting. You came up with an excellent idea with the acorn head. Love her.

  7. So dear and precious! I like the acorn head ~ leaves her features to the imagination. A hazel nut would work well too.

  8. She's adorable! :) Now I will have to order the book and make some myself...Great job!


  9. Oh, I love this!! I have a little grandsweetie that would play with these; thanks for sharing the book idea.


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