Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pine cone fire starters and more....

 Talk about your recycled project!
The pine cones were free for the taking at the golf course, the candle wick I had in a box of candle making  stuff , and the wax was recycled from the paraffin wax bath that Hubs uses for his arthritic hands.  It was time to change the wax for the season, but instead of throwing it away, I dipped cones.  It worked perfectly.  I found the idea for fire starters here.  It really is fairly easy to do except that the pine cones have very sharp bracts that you must watch for as you thread the wick around the inside of the cone.  I added a sprinkling of clear glitter to some of the cones just as they came out of the wax dip. Won't a basket of pine cones wrapped in cellophane be a pretty gift?

 I had to experiment with the dipped cones to see if they would  light easily and burn.  
Yes, they did!

I received my Cath Kidston "Dec the Halls" catalog today and guess what?  It had USA prices and a Cath Kidston USA website to order from!  Talk about thrilling!  The CK fabrics are still WAY overpriced for my budget, but it's fun to think I can actually shop this catalog and get a chunk of that fabric without doubling the price of  British pounds to US dollars.  No international shipping either!  Woo Hoo!

Don't you just love Cath Kidston's vintage Christmas look?  The paper, the bows, the tags?  Be sure to check out the holiday wrap and spot ribbon on the drum!

How about making a magnetic paper doll set?
Stop by and see the Betsy McCall Paper Dolls for inspiration.
  Take the kids or the grands along with you and don't forget your scissors. 

 Just one more thing....
Look at these cute mittens made with a recycled wool sweater.  Just launder a thrifted, wool sweater, dry on high heat, and shrink it down so it is felted.  Then cut and sew!
Full instructions are by Waxwing over at Craftser.


  1. Those fire starters are BRILLIANT! Would make an excellent Christmas gift.

  2. What a great post of making gifts!

    I love Cath Kidston; thanks for the link.

  3. Ohhhh, you're so bad! I've been hearing about a Cath Kidston US website but haven't checked it out...until now. Oh My. I could spend a lot of time over there. Love your pinecones!

  4. This post is full of goodies!!! Thanks for all the great links and ideas :)

  5. I LOVE reading your blog, and all the fun ideas and great projects you show! Thanks so much -- we always need fire starters. I should go on a walk in the park and look for cones! And my hubby has arthritis also, so maybe he should start doing the hot wax treatment too.

  6. So tickled to find your blog on mayamade today. I love your banner of the owl in the wild ( a passion of mine to see one), great photo! I am new at this blogging world but I do enjoy it so much. Later today I hope to take a further look at your posts and life on the prairie, it is so different from my life here just north of Louisville Ky.
    Also the pinecone fire starters are a super idea for Christmas gifts. Thank You!

  7. Jody, these turned out very pretty. What a great gift idea! I have never heard of a paraffin wax bath for arthritis before. I'm always learning something new here.

  8. Oh what fun. I'll have to investigate that catalog, too.

  9. This week I felted a red wool sweater that had been my dad's.

    I found a vase at the thrift store and slipped the sleeve over it.

    Made the CUTEST vase - and now it kinda/sorta feels like my dad is involved in our holidays this year.

    (although i think he would have thought it was weird to do that to a sweater)

    I nearly swooned when my Cath Kidston catalog came in the mail!

  10. Well we have no shortage of pine-cones!! Oh I just got some Cath Christmas paper napkins. I was soo over the moon and made little ornaments out of them. I had to do something special with them!! Clarice


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