Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cattle & Cold....

Herd Bulls await a bucket of alfalfa cake.
Cows coming  out for their cake.

The days are turning colder and colder.  This morning it was a meager 6 degrees as we headed out to feed the cows.  The sky was beautifully bright and blue and the air was brisk.  
We are expecting single digit temperatures tonight with windchill temperatures as low as -10.
And snow.
About 4-5 inches of snow overnight.

For comfort, I'm building fires in the wood stove and lighting candles.  I like the hazelnut candle best.  It seems any type of flame makes the home feel more cozy and warm.
Lately I'm drinking more hot tea and trying to keep it herbal (Stash Lemon-Ginger) since I don't need the extra caffeine of my favorite drink, strong fresh-ground coffee or my second favorite, chai black tea.  I really like the Rishi Teas and so far, my favorite chai is Rishi Masala.  Add some hot milk and a tiny bit of honey and you've got something good in your hands.  It makes a nice dessert!  What's your favorite wintertime drink?


  1. Jody,
    We seem to be on the same page:)
    It sure does look chilly there!
    Thank you for sharing those great shots!
    As I type, the girls are enjoying their hot chocolate with marshmallows. I will be having chai vanilla tea as soon as the water comes to a boil.
    Stay cosy and warm, and keep those candles glowing!
    Joanne in chilly Ontario

  2. Forgot to mention that I also have a hazelnut candle going as well as a spiced apple. The rest are cheap tea lights from Ikea:)
    Joanne, who is also enjoying the cosy days of November.

  3. Brrr...
    We're going to get some low 30's and 20's here and that is real cold for us. I'm glad you have your warmth strategy all figured out!

  4. English Breakfast tea with sugar and cream! YUM! Oh, Jody! The cows look cold! I know they are used to it, but I'm glad I'm not a cow. It's chilly here, too. I bought Bill new flannel sheets and a big soft blanket for his birthday and now I can't wait to hop into bed!

  5. Black Chai (I prefer Tazo), with raw sugar and half-and-half. On just the right morning though, I'll make hot cocoa on the stove top from scratch. Not much of a coffee drinker. Your pics look COLD. We're still in autumn here, not even pulling out the winter coats yet. No snow.

  6. Jody, I hurt all over just thinking about going outside in single digit temps. It has warmed up here again (66degrees at 8:30pm) and is very humid, too, which makes it feel icky. A heavy oppressive feel with lots of clouds...but the sunset was spectacularly pink.
    I love seeing your countryside.
    Stay warm!

  7. I had no idea it was that cold already. It is suppose to be thirty on thursday and that will be the coldest we have had. Blessings, Dianntha

  8. I love your photos.

    I love the smell of hot apple cider while it's brewing...but a warm cuppa tea always hits the spot. Chamomile or Peppermint are so soothing.

  9. Brrrr, you're looking mighty cold there! It's supposed to get cold here too -- but not that cold! I'm hoping for things to dry up a little this afternoon so I can finish our leaves -- I'm so late this year! Your tea sounds wonderful -- I'm a hot chocolate girl!

  10. Oh the space and the purity and the cold!

  11. Gosh, you guys already have snow! Your cattle look great - love hereford cattle! We're still in the 70's ....wish it would cool off here!!!

  12. Hi Jody - Beautiful pics of your world! Thanks for sharing. Out here in Western Washington we are having unusually cold, snowy weather - for us, anyway. It was 10 degrees at 6:00 this morning with 3" of snow on the ground. We have a small herd of beef cattle trying to stay warm. I just made the Soft Molasses Cookie recipe you had on your blog for the 2nd time - delicious! Oh, my current favorite tea - Celestial Seasonings Red Tea. It is a Rooibos/Vanilla tea, full of flavor but no caffeine. And high in antioxidants! Good with a spot of milk and the Soft Molasses Cookies, of course. Stay warm! Shirley in Wasington


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