Friday, November 19, 2010

Around home...

 I've been seeing and hearing this Northern Flicker (red shafted)  around the bird feeders the last week or so.  He nibbles on the seeds that fall on the ground.  Normally, I see him picking bugs from the trees but I suppose gathering seeds and bugs from the ground is easier picking. 

 He's showing off his red mustache and black neck tie.

 There, now we've seen him from three angles.  Isn't he handsome?

 Who needs toys?  
Spruce cones are great fun to count, "One, two, six, sefen, nine..."  
I have very few "real toys" but my Peach likes the real stuff that we have around the house.  Wouldn't you like to count soft spruce cones into a yogurt cup?  Or lay them straight on your blankie?  
Earthy-Gram likes natural things like cones, dirt, and garden carrots to share with her grandkids.

Another owl project happened just last night after I visited Cassie at You Go Girl.  She always has the cutest stuff to share and this Hoot Owl is no exception.  The free pattern comes from Juicy Bits.  I increased the pattern size on my copier to 150% just as Cassie suggested.  I really want to make a few more of these.  They're fun to stitch on these long, dark evenings.


  1. You are so crafty! I have several books from the library at my house and thought of you....great ideas in them.
    Hope to share on my blog next week.
    Great must have a lot of craft supplies to whip that up in one evening!
    Sweet pic of peach:)

  2. So many fun sights here. That bird is a real gem and your little granddaughter priceless! Love her counting toys! That crafted owl makes me smile real big!

  3. I see you still have snow on the ground...oh please do not send it our way yet...I just am not ready!
    Love the pictures..she is a sweety! Dianntha

  4. Love you little Hoot Owl, Jody. I just put the last stitch in a second one! I'm sure there are more in my future. I've also been watching a Flicker. He digs for goodies in my grass. Sometimes he tries to peck through the side of my house, usually @ o'dark o'clock Saturday morning. Kinda rude, but I like him anyway. :-)

    Take care,

  5. Cute owl, thank you for sharing xoxo Clarice

  6. Adorable! Both the owl and HP playing with cones. She has the right idea. The real deal is much better than all that plastic stuff.

  7. What a beautiful bird -- don't think I've ever seen one like him.
    And your little looks like she's having a grand time with her pine cones ^v^. Last time my oldest granddaughter was here we wandered around here gathering pine cones, sticks, etc. for making a fairy house -- have to finish it next time she comes.
    Mr. Owl is so handsome. One of grandsons loves owls (I suspect it has something to do with Harry Potter ;), so I really should make him one of these.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Love the cones that HP is enjoying. Her blankie is extra cool, too!
    Do you know how much I love the sheep? I put your last sheep photo on my laptop for the background. LOVE those big lambs!
    I'll hop over and look at the owls. Felt is fun, isn't it?
    We're getting Millie in a couple ofweeks! More precious pinkness for Granny Pom Pom! Sending love your way . . .

  9. Snow! I know it happens this time of year in other places, but here in the Sunny South, it's hard to get my head around. I love your birds--real and imagined!


  10. Love your natural toys ideas - I thought of you when I saw this list - it's the same idea.

    Roger and I love to use pine cone starters too - but we just used the cones as is - they flare right up if they're nice and dry. But the wax, wick and glitter turns them into a nice gift idea - thanks!!

    We're having our first snow today - yippee!

  11. Firefly, I love hearing about grandmas who make fairy houses. Sounds lovely.

    Kathie, thank you for the link to Un-toys. I love it and linked it on my blog.


  12. Little Hazel Peach looks so cute with her new toys! Love that cute owl too -- it's so fun to see all the different interpretations of the same pattern!

  13. I love,love the pictures of the Northren Flicker. Beautiful Jody!

    You are quite the crafty grammie! Very cute Owl!
    Hazel's a cutie!



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