Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sew Be It generosity....

I recently nominated my friend Joyce from Plain Ol’ Vanilla  to receive recognition for her giving spirit in the arts of sewing at Sew Mama Sew.  Joyce is a retired home school mom and a wonderful sewist who is constantly working to learn new sewing skills and shares her talents with others. This year she started a class for a group of area home school girls who wanted to learn the basic skills of sewing. Joyce organized a whole bevvy of projects for these girls to complete. They are enthusiastically learning and loving the art of sewing which is a gift in itself. Recently a stack of fabric was donated to them and Joyce had the brilliant idea to use the girls’ sewing skills to make pillowcases for The Sheepfold, a shelter for abused and homeless women and children in the area. Joyce, the girls, and their moms gathered for a Pillowcase Party and made 44 cases for the shelter. Not only has Joyce given of her time and her skills, but she has planted the seeds of giving in the hearts of her Sew Be It girls too. Little acorn seeds grow into Big Oaks. Thanks Joyce!  God bless the work of your hands and the gifts from your heart.
Read about the Pillowcase Party here.


  1. What a wonderful generous! And thank you for telling about her, I love to hear about things like this! Come say hi :D

  2. Oh, I love this! It makes me want to warm up my sewing machine. What a kind gesture to make pillowcases - such a sweet item and a place where prayers reside! How nice of you to honor someone who deserves it so much!

  3. I did not see this, so I am sooo glad you posted about it. Joyce is such a giving person and I am not one bit surprised she is teaching others to be giving. She is using the her gifts in such a wonderful way. Congratulation Joyce. Clarice


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