Wednesday, December 30, 2009

....the last of these

The New Year is almost here
and the last of these lovely hand dipped chocolates
(a gift from the Middle Child, J)
will be had with coffee this afternoon.
I don't want a bit of temptation left in January.

New Year's Eve will be spent with family, playing cards, burning the Christmas tree, eating good food, laughing and talking, and we'll  be setting off a few fireworks to celebrate another year's passing and a new year's coming.  Together, we always make a Top Ten list of events for the year which is a very good way to review and remember the old year.  The list carries the blessings and gifts, the joys and sadnesses, the people in our lives and those gone from our presence on this earth.
Every day is a gift.  Enjoy each one as He gives it.


  1. I finally threw out the rest of the goodies I had made...gee, it's hard to maintain weight when you get to be my age! Have a good New Years Eve party and a good year too! Come say hi :D

  2. Ha! There's so much candy around here I'm going to have to give myself an extra week to eat it all up ;-). Sounds like we'll be spending New Year's Eve just like you, sans the tree burning and fireworks. Love the top 10 idea -- maybe I'll suggest it to my family tomorrow night -- it sounds like wonderful fun!

  3. I'm taking the last of my goodies to a New Year's Eve get-together with friends tonight. I'm with you - sweep the cupboards clean for Jan :)

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  4. Well, I DID eat a bunch of carrots today (as well as a couple chocolate kisses!)
    I feel pensive this NYE. I just want to gaze at the blue moon.

  5. Yummm, I hope was a wonderful night xoxoox Clarice


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