Monday, December 14, 2009

Feeling owly...

Do you see him?

He was a bit frustrated with me.
I kept trying to get just a little closer
and then he would fly off.
He's giving me the evil eye here.

  Now he's posing just right for me.
Isn't the Great Horned Owl stately and majestic?
Another cold day on the prairie.  We had a high of -2 degrees and tonight we're back down to -10.  I enjoyed my romp through the trees today, but the cold penetrates more than I think and it leaves me tired and a little bit achy in the joints.  I think part of it is age.


  1. I love Owls. We had a Snowy Owl that decided to hang out in our drive shed one winter...they are one of my most favourite animals...err...birds...
    Anyway, beautiful pictures!

  2. Oh, my, he is wonderful, and no, I didn't see him in the first picture! You have a good eye, to catch the gorgeous animal.

  3. He is so beautiful..awesome to see them! I saw a baby owl once, he could turn his head all around and his eye lashes were so long..prettiest thing I've ever seen! I love to go out and get cold then come back in and soak in my tub...nice! Come say hi :D

  4. Oh he is amazing! I'd love to see an owl in the wild. Our city lights drive them away. You got some great shots!

  5. Oh. You lucky, lucky girl. I love getting a peek at an owl. Last year I saw my first ever pygmy owl. He was just a little tiny guy. Very cute. I am waiting to see a Great Horned Owl in the wild. I bet he made you day.

    Take care, Jody

  6. What a special sighting! I love owls.

  7. He is majestic!.Believe it or not, here where I live in suburbia, we have a pair of GHOs living in the big tree near our house. They did their regular morning call back and forth today, on schedule at 5:15 a.m. I so appreciate having a little bit of nature close at hand.

    Stay warm girl!


  8. Wow. He's beautiful! You're so lucky -- what a sight. Thanks for sharing with us. I hope you can stay warm too -- that's cold!

  9. So beautiful and dignified. Thanks for sharing your world!

  10. When we were driving the other evening I saw a big Great Horned Owl- then this morning, when the alarm went off at 6am and I was inbetween sleepy and awake we had an owl hooting away! It was neat. They must like to come out more in the winter, do ya think?

  11. Wow, he is stunning xoxoxo Clarice

  12. Oh yeah, I get that tired and sore joints thing, for sure! Your owl is the second I've seen this morning. Gretchen Joanna's lovely ornament owl was the first. It's an owl day! Yahoo!

  13. Wow, what a grand fellow!!! I would be so lucky to see one here. We do have nice hawks and eagles but yet to get close for a nice pic.

  14. Wonderful pics! We have great horned owls here (Texas) as well. We hear them hooting, especially in winter. I saw one on my TV antenna one day when I went out to get the mail. He was HUGE!

  15. This is amazing! I have never been lucky enough to see a real owl. We had a very large hawk in our tree a while back that caught a baby bird. The kids and I watched it eat/tear feather off. It was both gross and amazing! Your pictures are fantastic and you are so lucky to have seen such a beautiful bird.


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