Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Animals in winter....

Another cold, snowy day in the country.  The temperature got up to 6 degrees.  Some of the horses were standing in a row with butts to the north wind.  I think horses in winter are so gorgeous because they grow a thick, velvety coat of hair that insulates them against the cold.

Here's Pete the Paint, the horse I ride most often.  Isn't he handsome?

Laying down some straw bedding for the bull calves.

These bulls are waiting for their fresh bedding to be put out.

Sharptail Grouse
Notice the feathered feet.  I love finding their tracks in the snow.  The Sharptail Grouse always reminds me of the "Partridge in a Pear Tree" from the carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas.  When they perch in the trees they are so large, and funny-looking, like a chicken roosting up high in the treetops. 


  1. Oh I really enjoyed these photos...especially viewing them from a nice warm house. Thanks for getting out there and braving the cold to take them. I know you probably brave any kind of weather daily on your ranch/farm. Love that grouse!! So pudgy...

  2. I LOVE how you see the beauty in everything. Thanks for sharing it because I see beauty in all of it too! I too love how soft and fat my horse feels right now, I just love to hug on him! Come say hi :D

  3. I too enjoy seeing your world Jody, in every season.



  4. I am not sure I could survive your winters...I don't entire Ohio winter and I know we have it much easier than you do!!!
    The animals are just beautiful...and I adore the little bird...how ugly and cute all in one. Dianntha

  5. Brrrr. That looks cold! It's amazing to me that the animals can survive those harsh prairie winters!

  6. Your photo painting is always wonderful. The seasons each have so much beauty there on your farm and the animals are must know how much they are loved there!

  7. What a pleasure to see your view of the world -- views I've never seen in life. How hardy and strong the animals are. The grouse is lovely!

  8. Wow, you live such a life, a life sooo few of us know xoxoxo Clarice

  9. Thanks for such nice comments everyone! The things I see everyday are unusual to the rest of the world. I feel blessed.


  10. Thank-you for this beautiful glimpse into your world! After the craziness of modern-day life, coming here is a peaceful excursion that I cherish. So glad I found your blog!


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