Thursday, September 03, 2009

I See the Moon...

Eloise Wilkin, illustrator

I'm thinking of loved ones far away.
Praying, waiting, hoping, believing.

As I take my walks in the evening I see the Moon. It always reminds me to pray blessings
upon my loved ones and friends far away. Have you ever wondered how many people are looking at the moon and thinking of their loved ones looking at the moon? All through the ages since time began, all the people in all the world have been admiring the moon that God set in place. I wonder if it reminded them to pray too? Jesus Himself saw the very same Moon I see tonight. It makes me feel blessed.....and small.

"Even the darkness is not dark to Thee..."
~Psalm 139:12

This is a little song that I sing sometimes when I see the moon.
Do you?

I love this verse of I See the Moon, especially sung with grandparents as it is here.


  1. Oh what fun! loved the video!! That is an amazing thought that the same moon we see Jesus saw...

  2. How did you know? Last night I walked outside on a very hot, humid, full moon evening and I wondered if Gumbo Lily was out and about looking at then moon so far away!


    Now I'll go watch teh video!

  3. Now when I'm out at night and see the moon, I won't be able to help but send out blessings--and think of you!


  4. What a lovely start to my morning Ms. Gumbo -- I so enjoyed that beautiful little video. And wasn't it a gorgeous full moon last night?

  5. Such a cute video! I saw a beautiful full moon last night - took some pictures but they didn't turn out so well.

    Love the sweet Eloise Wilkin illustration too.

  6. I think of this a LOT. But I didn't know that particular song--thank you! I only knew "I see the moon, The moon sees me, God bless the moon, and God bless me." Which is more self-centered, though it at least makes the child--and me--remember the Lord.
    Thank you for you wildflower identification help. I think you are right, now that I have that name to start with researching on the Web. Seems blue lettuce is considered more a weed than a wildflower, hmm?

  7. Everything about your post is so lovely. Thank you.

  8. Very sweet, I do feel small and humbled when I look at the moon xoxoxo Clarice

  9. Precious! I have never heard of I See the Moon. It was lovely,



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