Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweet pickle relish...

It's one of our favorite pickly things.
Hubs loves it on burgers.
I love it in tuna salad sandwiches.
It's also good for tartar sauce.

These jars stay in our pantry, but I made three half pints of dill pickle relish for my daughter-in-love. She prefers dilly pickly things.

One little tip for relish: If you haven't enough cucumbers (like me) you can use zucchini, seeded. You can also add more of the other ingredients like peppers. If you click on the top picture, you will see the recipe from my old Ball Blue Canning Book.


  1. How pretty your jars look... I have gathered some fall pears that are not quite ripe to make some preserves with from a neighbor. bet your shelves look pretty..
    Elsie <><

  2. Your jars do look lovely! And I had no idea you could pickle zucchini. A smashing idea! Now if you would just come spend a few days at my house and teach me how to can ...


  3. Oh I like the idea of using zucchini and peppers, thanks for the tip. Clarice


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